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What is the difference between Pickrr and Shyplite: An Ultimate Guide

Supply transformation is critical to the success of any successful firm on a strategic and tactical level. The recent surge in eCommerce has inevitably led to the emergence of numerous new eCommerce logistics in the market to meet the enormous demand for shipping out millions of purchases made across different digital platforms in India, as is expected.

The most crucial worry of any online shopping site is the timely and dependable delivery of shipments to its consumers’ homes. With the increasing number of eCommerce websites, it is becoming increasingly important to access the most reliable logistics and supply chain management courier services.

When packages are transported from one location to another, the courier firm ensures their security. Some companies in need of assistance right away also offer same-day delivery services and the best shipping prices. eCommerce vendors will gain from this since it will raise their total profitability, lower their costs, and provide various other advantages. Shipping is time-consuming and, at times, an expensive component of your company’s operations.

You require a one-stop eCommerce logistics to assist you in meeting your shipping requirements. A shipping or courier aggregator can handle the entire procedure, allowing your workers to devote their time and energy to more profitable endeavours instead.

Pickrr and Shyplite have been compared to find out which one is better. By reviewing the options in this analysis, you’ll discover which one will work best for your e-commerce enterprise.


Pickrr’s mission is to help e-commerce firms grow their reach and network by connecting them with the top 20-plus courier and delivery partners to deliver and fulfil orders faster and at a lower cost. Pickrr is India’s no. 1 exponentially growing eCommerce logistic and technology startup, founded in 2015 by IIT and ISB graduates with extensive entrepreneurial backgrounds and operational understanding.

With its pioneering software-as-a-service platform, Pickrr operates as a virtual logistics arm for sellers, recommending the most efficient delivery partner who can handle all of the inconveniences-from picking up the products to shipping them to any location conceivable. To facilitate the next growth stage, Pickrr has received funding from global impact investors, including IIFL, Ananta Capital, Amicus Capital, Omidyar Network India, and Guild Capital, to offer the best shipping prices.

It facilitates bulk shipments for enterprises and incorporates a multi-channel order management system that’s reliable. Pickrr’s dashboard is very interoperable with the vast majority of e-commerce platforms and marketplaces on the market. It may also be integrated with customized websites and provide rest APIs, among other features.

Advantages of Using Pickrr as Your Delivery Logistics Provider 

  • Pickrr assists organizations in increasing efficiencies while simultaneously lowering costs and increasing production rates.
  • Its technology is distinguished by its artificial intelligence-based recommendation engine, which makes courier recommendations to boost delivery performance and offer the best shipping prices.
  • It enables you to ship beyond India and to about 220 countries across the world.
  • Pickrr guarantees that any weight issues are resolved as soon as possible and that clients have access to real-time tracking so that they are always aware of the status of their shipments.
pickrr eCommerce Logistics Company


With Shyplite, businesses can more easily manage their eCommerce logistics by using a single platform that includes various carriers. It was formed in 2016, and it serves as a shipping gateway for other businesses. The Shyplite firm provides shipment services to e-commerce companies across India and more than 220 countries across the globe via its third-party logistics.

Shipping rates are at a significantly discounted rate. They require customers to use the Early COD service while offering additional value and a convenient and streamlined shipping management platform to meet all of your shipping needs. Shyplite has established itself as the most dependable eCommerce logistics in India, providing online retailers with a streamlined shipping experience and the opportunity for worldwide expansion.

Features of Shyplite

  • Take advantage of pre-negotiated shipping prices and courier services, which are charged on a per-order basis.
  • Shipping services such as early COD remittance, non-destructive testing (NDT), and multi-location pickups are utilized.
  • The company delivers services to over 26000 pin codes across India, allowing online merchants to reach customers in every corner of the country.

Factors to Consider When Selecting an eCommerce Shipping Provider

Products of Various Kinds

The most important criterion in choosing the safest courier service is determining what products you transport to clients. When comparing different carriers, please pay close attention to their sizes, shapes, and services offered to choose which ones best match your requirements.


Consider the reputation of the shipping company you are considering when selecting a shipping service. If you choose e-commerce logistics only based on their low rates, you could find yourself in serious trouble if an item goes missing or if delivery is delayed. Take the time to research the carriers you’re considering and make sure they have a stellar track record of reducing the risk of such occurrences.

Tracking Services

Choosing an eCommerce logistics with outstanding tracking features is often a good idea. The majority of respectable shipping firms include a webpage where consumers can enter their tracking number to see whether or not their product has arrived at its destination. Customers can use tracking to determine whether their delivery is on its way, has already been delivered, or delayed. 


Choosing which shipping companies to offer will likely be influenced heavily by the pricing structures available. The ability to provide your consumers with the most competitive shipping rates will go a long way toward earning their loyalty and trust. By conducting your research, you will understand all of the many eCommerce logistic options available to you and your customers, enabling you to receive the greatest return on your investment.


By comparing the two platforms, we intend to provide you with a clear view of their many features, services, and pricing. Pickrr provides customers with extra shipping features, including the best shipping prices, e-commerce fulfilment, post-shipment support, and more. By partnering with Pickrr, you gain secure delivery options for both local and international orders.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to form a partnership with a logistics aggregator?

When it comes to working with the best courier service for eCommerce, it’s not difficult at all. As you select the courier service, set the payment plan, and then go through the integration process as per their joining procedure, you will be configuring your delivery preferences.

Which India-based eCommerce logistics services offer the best benefits?

Trying to figure out which eCommerce logistics in India is the best is akin to asking which ice cream flavour is the tastiest. Due to the severe nature of logistics, it is primarily based on personal desire and necessity. Pickrr may be the finest logistic provider for you if the most critical factor is having access to the maximum possible number of courier partners.

Is COD coverage available through Pickrr Shipping Logistic?

Pickrr provides pickup, packing, and delivery services in three different timeframes: within 24 hours, 4-5 hours, and 90 minutes. Pickrr also offers same-day pickup and cash delivery services.

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