What is eCommerce Automation?

What is eCommerce Automation? How to Automate Your eCommerce Business?

Building an eCommerce business and ensuring its growth requires the management of multiple things simultaneously. Businesses need to prioritize work and manage resources well to succeed consistently. With so many things in hand, there is no other way to keep the business running than to use eCommerce automation tools.

Automating online stores minimizes the time spent on repetitive tasks through manual work. It also attracts higher value customers and helps in reducing costs in campaigning. Automation in eCommerce earns a greater return on marketing investment.

Here we have covered how eCommerce automation helps leverage the analytics and marketing strategies for businesses and drives customer engagement. Also find out how to automate your eCommerce business. 

What is eCommerce Automation?

eCommerce automation is a method to automate online stores similar to supply chain, inventory, and marketing automation. Online marketers use eCommerce automation tools to reduce manual work and make the customers’ experience smooth and easy.  

eCommerce automation can no longer be termed as the future, because it is already here and implemented by companies to remain competitive in the market. eCommerce automation reduces the time in managing operations and helps businesses focus more on revenue generation tasks.

Let’s understand in detail the significance of eCommerce automation and how tools can be implemented to enhance the overall efficiency of the eCommerce process. 

Why eCommerce Automation?

eCommerce automation adds incredible value to businesses.

Why eCommerce Automation?

Enhance Customers’ Experience

eCommerce automation is used for marketing communication. Marketers can segregate target customers for personalized marketing communications. Here are some of the strategies for personalized communication:

  • Send promotional emails and messages 
  • Send precisely targeted marketing communication 
  • Offer rewards to regular customers
  • Send messages to customers who have left their carts abandoned
  • Send personalized messages on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries
  • Send products recommendation based on their interest and previous purchases
  • Offer a discount to complete the purchase

Minimize Customer Acquisition Cost

eCommerce automation can help optimize the amount spent on marketing, increase ROI and also help in reducing customer churn.

Using advanced tools, the marketers can be notified to pause campaigning if the inventory is low. Businesses can reset their inventory before they run out of items. The campaigning can be stopped for a certain period until the new stocks are in.

Know how to reduce customer churn rate with automation:

  • Use tools to analyze the reason for customers being inactive. The metrics that can be tracked are last login, last session, last purchase date, product purchased, etc.
  • Segregate customers’ lists who are inactive. Offer them discounts and incentives on products of their interest.

Enhance Conversion Rates

eCommerce automation tools can also be used to boost conversion rates. Here is how it is useful:

  • Personalize products on an eCommerce store
  • Improve the functionalities of the site
  • Automate push notifications 
  • Tag items of similar fit, size, and color
  • Segment customers based on purchase history
  • Notify customers of new product release
  • Use browser push notifications to communicate quickly 

eCommerce Automation Tools

There are multiple eCommerce automation tools designed to meet specific requirements of the businesses. The eCommerce automation tools predict customers’ behavior and drive sales. 

Know how automation tools can be used to enhance various features of eCommerce.

Automation Tool to Analyze Shopping Cart Abandonment

According to a statista report, in March 2021, almost 80% of the online shopping orders were abandoned i.e not converted into a purchase. While cart abandonment isn’t good from a conversion rate point of view, the good aspect is that it is often the beginning of customer interaction.

Businesses can use it as an opportunity to enhance conversion rates. Several surveys show that companies that sent emails targeting cart abandonment saw an increase in conversion rate. 

Marketing tools have made email campaigns popular among companies involved in eCommerce. Companies can automate a shopping cart fetch back campaign to send emails. However, companies must ensure that they have all relevant information before sending the email to customers. 

Fasttr’  by Pickrr is a tool designed to help users complete transitions in one click, thereby reducing cart abandonment due to delays or issues in payment. 

Automation Tool for Content Marketing 

The best marketing campaigns are driven by relevant content. Marketing content must be more relevant and more effective than any form of communication. For this, analytics are necessary. 

The marketing analytics platforms can be used to send highly targeted emails without much time and effort. The tool can be used to analyze:

  • What content or pages leads to the eCommerce conversion rate?
  • The pages on which the customers spent maximum time 

The marketer can analyze visitors’ time spent on a particular page, and the pages on which there was maximum engagement. Based on the insights, they can prioritize content.  

Making changes according to what works best for a business can positively impact sales. Thus, automation can drive better results. 

Automation Tool to Analyze Purchase Cycle 

It is important to analyze the customers’ purchasing cycle to drive sales in a better way. Two important factors need to be considered:

  • How long does it take for a visitor to buy the product for the first time? 
  • Is there any specific period or timeline associated with product purchase? 

Using the above information, marketers can send the best email possible to targeted customers at the right time. 

Businesses can also consider providing customers with the option of setting up their own reminder notifications through email or messaging. For example, they can choose to get a notification once a particular item is in the stock, when there is a sale, notifications on discounts, etc. This can be set using automated tools. 

Automation Tool for Multichannel Analytics 

Companies with omnichannel strategies retain around 89% of their customers, compared to a 33% of customer retention rate for companies with weak omnichannel customer engagement (Source: Invesp). 

Social media channels drive a significant portion of sales for businesses. Product sharing and reviews on social media platforms help businesses attract more customers and expand their reach. 

Thus, businesses cannot miss out on analytics to fetch engagement on multiple platforms. Here is how the analytical tools can be used:

  • Set up an alarm to get a notification each time someone sends you a notification on a social media platform. Whether positive or negative comments or reviews, the authorized person must respond to mentions and empower individuals who help in brand recognition.
  • A list of happy customers or influencers can be maintained to send them regular notifications. 
  • Certain marketing automation tools enable trigger messages on multiple platforms. It can be used to send thank you emails and special deals in the comments or mentions of posts.

eCommerce Fulfillment Automation

eCommerce fulfillment automation is the use of technology to eliminate the time consumed in performing repetitive tasks for managing orders manually.  

eCommerce fulfillment automation does not necessarily mean the use of robots for task completion. More often, the advanced software is implemented to automate various tasks.

Know how eCommerce automation software helps in order fulfillment: 

Automated Weight Verification 

Weight verification by humans is a time-consuming process. Manually checking each order and comparing it with the information provided can be time-consuming and can also lead to human error. 

To avoid any error and reduce time in weight verification, weight verifiers, a part of eCommerce fulfillment automation can be used to check the weight and verify it. 

The weight can be automatically matched with the information fed into the system. In case of a discrepancy, it can be sent back for review. 

Thus, automation minimizes weight discrepancy and improves the quality of eCommerce order fulfillment.  

Automated Packing Slips 

Packing slips are important for eCommerce orders. With so many orders being released daily, putting packing slips manually is time-consuming and can also lead to human error. Hence, many businesses use automated machines to insert packing slips with delivery packages without any human intervention.

Reduced RTO 

Software tools can be used to predict return orders. This is done by shortlisting wrong addresses, analyzing previous purchase behavior of customers, confirming communication contact number and email address verification, and more.

Pickrr’s eCommerce Automation Software

Pickrr, a SaaS-based company offers various features that help eCommerce businesses use automation solutions for logistics. Know which all automated solutions are offered by Pickrr:

eCommerce Automation Software

Pickrr Connect A tool to boost customer engagement 

Using Pickrr Connect, the sellers can connect with customers by sending updates of their orders via mail, WhatsApp, and SMS. 

They can choose to send customized messages for better customer satisfaction. 

The feature is embedded with Pickkr’s dashboard.

Pickrr Predict A tool to reduce RTO

Pickrr offers an AI-enabled tool Pickrr Predict to help sellers determine high-risk orders that can lead to RTO. The sellers can approve, edit or cancel orders based on RTO prediction. 


eCommerce automation helps you expand your abilities to increase your business profitability. When implemented successfully, businesses see that there is an enhanced customer experience. There are numerous ways to automate multiple operations of eCommerce. Businesses can choose to use automation for eCommerce based on their needs and requirements.  

The use of automation in eCommerce is certainly on rise. Hence, businesses must ensure to implement it as per the latest trends in eCommerce.  

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