5 Tips to Manage Weight Discrepancy in eCommerce

eCommerce is a prospering industry where every business strives to serve its customers in the best ways possible. Along with quality products, the online store owners must provide a better shopping experience to the customer as it can make or break the company’s reputation. However, providing a unique customer experience can be challenging for eCommerce companies.

Among several challenges associated with post-purchase experience, weight discrepancy is one common issue that every eCommerce brand has to overcome. Since weight discrepancies lead to increased cost and loss of profit, businesses need to reduce weight issues as soon as possible. 

What is Weight Discrepancy?

When a business ships its product to a customer, it is first given to a courier company that further takes up the delivery process. The courier company weighs the product and relays the information to the seller., Sometimes the weight the seller measures does not match the courier partners’ calculations. Hence, it creates a weight dispute with the shipment. 

Briefly, weight discrepancy refers to the dispute arising when there is a difference between the weight the courier company measures and the one that a business provides. 

One of the most common reasons for weight discrepancies is the incorrect calculation of volumetric weight. To calculate the weight accurately, courier companies have machines at their warehouses that might not be available at the eCommerce store. Therefore the brands should try to calculate the weight as precisely as possible. 

Since the definition of weight discrepancies is clear, let’s look at some ways in which you can reduce weight disputes and avoid paying extra shipping costs. 

Ways to Reduce Weight Discrepancy 

Here are five ways in which you can reduce weight disputes in your shipments:

Reduce Weight Discrepancy

Measure Volumetric Weight Correctly 

The first and most important step is accurately measuring your shipment’s volumetric weight. Volumetric weight refers to a shipment’s dimensional weight, calculated by dividing the product of length, breadth, and height by 5000. All dimensions are measured in centimeters, and the divisor varies in different carriers. 

The seller needs to calculate the product’s final weight after packaging to avoid further disputes in the process. 

Keep an Image of the Product 

It is essential to keep an image of the product during any claims by the courier company. To prove the correct measurement, one must click a product picture from all dimensions. One can also take a video of the product packaging to ensure adequate proof to provide if needed. 

Use Appropriate Packaging Materials

Packaging material is one of the most important elements for minimizing weight discrepancy. Proper packaging keeps your products safe and secure throughout transit and lowers shipping expenses. Therefore, a seller must pick a packaging material that is both strong and light. A packaging expert can assist a business in deciding what kind of materials are available and which are appropriate for a business’ needs if you’re unsure what packaging would be best for their products. 

Use Automation to Measure Irregular Packages 

Products with irregular shapes such as pipes, rugs, fabrics, and poly bags must be weighed using cubic measurement. However, doing cubic calculations manually would not always give accurate results. Hence, a dimensioning system is required to do the calculations. ECommerce businesses should use automated tools to calculate the volumetric weights of an irregular package. 

Outsource with the Right Shipping Partner 

A seller can outsource the fulfillment of its online sales to run its business operations efficiently. A logistics aggregator will assist a seller in monitoring all weight differences and taking appropriate action in a predetermined amount of time. 

How Does Pickrr Help in Reducing Weight Discrepancies?

Pickrr is a SaaS-based logistics company that uses AI and ML technology to provide a seamless logistics journey to its customers. An entire team is dedicated to handling weight dispute issues and supporting the sellers with the proper solution. Pickrr not only provides the best technologies to make your shipping hassle free but also provides a weight reconciliation option on the dashboard.   

Sign up on Pickrr today and get rid of your concerns about weight disputes. 


For eCommerce companies, weight discrepancy is a significant problem as it frequently leads to weight disputes. However, exercising caution can assist businesses in minimizing these differences and saving money on shipping. Additionally, one can avoid significant delivery difficulties like delayed deliveries, etc. Businesses can optimize the shipping experience and concentrate on expanding their eCommerce by utilizing the right technologies and putting them into practice strategically. 

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