Valentines Day Marketing Ideas for eCommerce

Valentines Day Marketing Ideas for eCommerce

What could be a better time than Valentine’s week to win hearts and get closer to loved ones?

While Valentine’s day is an excellent time for anyone in love, it is an equally important time for gift store owners to enhance their sales for the week. A recent Economics Times post shows that almost 79% of people in India feel that giving a gift on Valentine’s day is very important.

Nowadays, people tend to buy gifts online due to the variety of options provided by multiple sellers. With so many Valentines day eCommerce gift sellers competing in the online space, the store owners need to build strong marketing strategies and come up with innovative Valentines day marketing ideas to attract the attention of their prospective customers.

eCommerce sellers who wish to promote their product for Valentine’s day must stick to the fact that customers look for the special gifts for their loved ones. Whatever the marketing strategy may be, the goal should be to build customers’ trust by offering them unique gifts and fast delivery services.

Top Valentines Day Marketing Ideas that Customers will Love

Read on to know more about eCommerce marketing ideas for Valentine’s day that will attract customers to your store.

1. Create a themed content 

The website’s content is the first thing that grabs the attention of an online buyer. Your content theme should align with both business goals and customers’ needs. 

eCommerce sellers have the opportunity to impress visitors through their website in the first 30 seconds by writing captivating content. The images, captions and the overall content on the website must be such that visitors get persuaded to make a purchase. In the Valentine’s week, eCommerce sellers must categorize the content into multiple themes to make it easier for visitors to navigate through the website and find the right kind of product, specific to their interest.  

Apart from the content on the product pages, businesses must also use various platforms to post relevant blogs. The blogs must be engaging, and they should talk specifically about the kind of products the business offers.

2. Engage in promotions 

eCommerce gift sellers must ensure to engage existing and new customers through a strategic marketing approach. There is a large number of Valentines Day marketing ideas that online sellers can implement to promote their products. Email marketing, social media marketing, messaging etc. are the common marketing strategies that every business follows. However, those who come up with peculiar and exclusive marketing strategies or products such as the recent Dairy Milk campaign are able to succeed in attracting more customers. 

Your marketing strategy must align with the theme of the occasion. For Valentine’s day, businesses must focus on heart touching and emotional marketing campaigns. They can create love-themed campaigns offering special couple discounts.

They should also come up with stunning graphic designs and engaging content for marketing.

3. Add customized and unique gifts

When thinking of buying gifts for loved ones, especially for Valentine’s Day, people prefer to make a unique and customized selection rather than going for the traditional gifts. Some go for big surprises while others prefer small yet expressive gifts.

In recent years, there has been an upsurge in people buying custom gifts. In fact, as per the Deloitte Consumer Review, more than 50% of consumers are interested in buying custom gifts.

buying custom gifts

To capture interest of the people who prefer gifting personalized items, Valentine’s day eCommerce gift sellers should add unique gifts to their store that customers would love to buy at the first sight. Gifts that are meticulously designed and created to add elegance and taste for loved ones.

4. Segregate your customers

For an eCommerce seller, one of the most effective Valentines Day marketing ideas can be ensuring  that they are targeting their audience with the right kind of product. For Valentine’s Day, sellers must separate their products based on the gender, age, marital status, price range and more.

For instance, male customers should be targeted with gifts for their female partners and vice-versa. Appropriate images and captions must be used to attract and inform customers.

5. Enhance SEO practices

Merely having a quality product is not sufficient to increase your Valentine’s sales. The website should also rank on the search engine so that there are enough target visitors on the page. To enhance the ranking of the page, appropriate Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategies should be implemented.

The content and captions used on web pages should be keyword enriched. The page design must be optimized and images used should be aligned with the theme of the page.

6. Include eye-catching gift wrap

Nothing adds a personal touch to a gift than a perfect gift wrap. A well-wrapped gift enhances the value of the gift and makes it more meaningful.

Valentine’s Day eCommerce sellers can come up with tempting gift wrap ideas that do justice to the Valentine’s day theme.  

The packaging idea must be unique and presentable. One can also come up with eco-friendly ways of packaging gifts. Definitely, customers are more likely to get attracted to a unique way of wrapping gifts, but nothing can be better than offering a gift wrap option for free. 

7. Offer discounts

Valentine’s week is the best time for eCommerce sellers to offer discounts and coupons to customers and boost sales. According to a Times of India  report, today 81% of shoppers look for discounts and promotions in-store up from 74% in 2020.

Valentine's day discount

On special occasions like Valentine’s Day, customers look for gift cards, discounts etc. on the products they like to purchase. Hence, discounts and coupons are important deciding factors in the success of your eCommerce marketing ideas.

8. Offer free shipping

Free shipping has become a must for the success of any eCommerce business.

Offering free shipping is one of the effective Valentines Day marketing ideas that would benefit both the customer and the seller.

Inorder to offer free shipping, eCommerce sellers must connect with the best logistics company like Pickrr that can offer them optimal shipping service by connecting them with multiple courier service providers. Sign up now for the best shipping solutions.

9. Provide fast shipping

Gifts are occasion specific and late deliveries can ruin the relevance of the occasion.

Valentines’ day gifts are extra special and every buyer wishes to get the product delivered on or before time. With fast delivery, eCommerce sellers can gain customers’ trust by assuring them that the gift will be delivered on time. For fast shipment, Valentine’s Day eCommerce sellers must connect with a reliable shipping partner who can assure fast delivery.  

Integrate your eCommerce gift store with Pickrr and connect with 21+ courier service partners. Choose the most suitable delivery partner according to your business needs.


Despite the type of product an eCommerce store sells, be it clothing, gifts, candies, flowers, cakes etc. Valentine’s Day eCommerce sellers must consider implementing innovative marketing strategies to boost their sales on this occasion.

Once a customer places an order through an eCommerce website, the next big challenge is to get it on time. Since the demand is high on special occasions like Valentine’s days, sellers must ensure to connect with the best logistics service providers to offer the fastest delivery service to their customers.

With a pan-India network of fulfillment centers, Pickrr offers on time deliveries even on high-rush occasions.

This Valentine’s day, increase your sales with the best Valentines Day marketing ideas and choose Pickrr for a reliable and cost-effective shipping service.

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