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Top 10 Courier Companies Delivering the Best Value in India

As a business owner, one of the most significant shifts you’ve probably made during the COVID-19 pandemic is digitising your business. With retail spaces shutting down, a substantial aspect of this transformation is to ensure that customers and clients can purchase products online and that these products can be shipped in the fastest time and the best shape.

Completing this ecosystem are the shipping carriers, which fulfil delivery orders. The Indian E-commerce logistics business industry alone is projected to grow to INR 492.4 B by 2025. 

This ecosystem has grown exponentially in the last year, giving business owners more options based on particular needs. For instance, a creative entrepreneur shipping one or two products a day will have different needs from an FMCG brand that sells hundreds of products every day. But the universal need is for products to be delivered on time, with proper tracking systems, and with a high level of accountability. 

Here’s a comprehensive list of logistics and supply chain management companies offering various services for diverse delivery needs. 


A homegrown brand established way back in 1990, DTDC is a veteran in the delivery fulfilment space. They were the first company to expand to global locations like the US, UK, and Dubai. Today, it offers domestic and international fulfilment as well as express services. Individual customers can have parcels picked up from home for delivery via DTDC couriers. 


FEDEX international courier services are also a preferred choice. This global brand, headquartered in Memphis, USA, is also a popular choice for India’s personal and business courier deliveries. They have special offers, especially during festival times, and are known globally for their overnight courier services. 


A newer player in the logistics space, Delhivery, was set up in 2011. But the company’s investment in tech and contemporary approach to emerging space like eCommerce quickly catapulted Delhivery pickups to a household name. The company also built up its warehousing capacity and did fulfilment across the country. It does international fulfilment via its partners with a global presence. 


Launched in 2015, Expressbees is equally a favourite among small business owners as it is among eCommerce platforms, doing business at scale. They serve a wide range of industries from banking and finance to pharma and have a global footprint with last-mile delivery through their networks.

Ekart Logistics 

Launched in 2009 by Flipkart’s in-house online delivery arm, it was later rebranded to fulfil other eCommerce players’ requirements. Their services are available on aggregator platforms, and they also partner with businesses and eCommerce companies, offering first-mile and last-mile services. 


A veteran in the logistics space, BlueDart was set up by three Indian entrepreneurs in 1983. Today, it is one of the most established and successful players in the domestic market. The company is known for its on-time delivery and superior service. It also offers international services via partners like DHL.  

pickrr eCommerce Logistics Company


As the name indicates, EcomExpress was a product of the rising eCommerce revolution. Established in 2012 by founders with a collective experience of 100 plus years in the logistics and shipping sector, it caters expressly to the growing eCommerce space. It has a presence in 29 states and is known for its penetration into remote towns and villages. In early 2021, it made its first foray into the global market. It is easily one of the best delivery partners for eCommerce. 

Amaze Solutions

Amaze Solutions, founded in October 2015, provides world-class support from the beginning to the end. They can automate your dispatch with API integration & provide the vehicles at an agreed turnaround time. We have reduced the turnaround time significantly along with maximising savings on costs and workforce. As of date, they are spread at 50+ locations in India, with more than 800+ highly trained employees having the goal to deliver smiles to each customer round the clock.


Established in 2016, Udaan aims to transform trading in India by leveraging technology. It has operations across categories, including lifestyle, electronics, home & kitchen, staples, fruits and vegetables, FMCG, pharma, toys and general merchandise. The Udaan app discovers customers, suppliers & products across numerous categories, buy and sell on your terms with secure payments & smooth logistics and grow your network through repeats & relationships with like-minded parties.


Established in 2015, Shadowfax is a 3PL or third-party logistics service provider. It specialises in handling a wide range of logistics functions, from transportation and warehousing to freight and forwarding. It is a partner to many businesses and is driven by innovation, innovative technology, and superior accessibility as core values. 

Simplify Your Shipping Needs 

Even though the universe of shipping options is expansive, calling up every delivery courier service company or visiting their website is tedious. It can also be overwhelming, and you may miss out on the best competitive services for your needs.

A more efficient, seamless way to find the best courier services and the cheapest courier services for your needs is via eCommerce delivery and shipping aggregators such as Pickrr. 

Whether you are looking to ship locally, nationally, or globally, or a courier pickup from home, you have all the information you need on one platform. You can also zero in on the cheapest international courier options. Additionally, price fluctuations are updated in real-time, thus ensuring you do not lose out on any specific offers by individual carriers. 

Aggregator platforms offer different packages based on the volumes and frequency of delivery needs. The ease-of-use, access, and investment in seamless tech give them a competitive edge, and more and more consumers are shifting to aggregator interfaces.

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