Shopify Order Fulfillment

A Guide to Third-Party Fulfillment for Shopify Orders

Once an order is placed on a Shopify eCommerce store, the next important process is fulfillment. Planning order fulfillment in the best way is crucial for running a successful Shopify Store.  It is the job of the online store owner to ensure how to fulfill orders successfully. Even before the orders are placed, sellers need to decide the fulfillment methods they will use.  

Sellers have three options to manage the order fulfillment for Shopify Store. These are in-house, dropshipping, and third-party logistics (3PL). Which fulfillment method is best for a business varies depending on the order volume, budget, and requirements.

However, a third-party fulfillment is considered an effective solution for Shopify orders fulfillment. Know how to use the 3PL fulfillment service for Shopify, its benefits and which service is best for you. 

Using Third-Party Fulfillment Service for Shopify Stores?

Sellers who have a Shopify store and want to take 3PL fulfillment service to ship orders must first connect with the fulfillment company. The companies have software solutions that can be easily integrated with any Shopify store.

Once a Shopify channel is integrated with the fulfillment service providers, the orders are automatically synchronized on the logistics platform. Now, the sellers can access various services like choosing the right courier partner, order tracking, customer communication, and more. 

Benefits of Third-Party Fulfillment for Shopify 

There are reasons why 3PL fulfillment services for Shopify are in high demand. The third-party fulfillment companies provide professional service and solutions to ship each order placed on Shopify stores.  

Know the benefits of using third-party fulfillment solutions for the Shopify Store in detail here

Shopify order Fulfillment

Flexible Shipping Price

The third-party fulfillment companies offer flexible shipping prices for businesses of all sizes. They help sellers to manage the shipping cost as per the order requests. 

The 3PL companies also provide software solutions that allow sellers to compare shipping rates of multiple carrier partners and select the most cost-effective shipping solutions for each orders. 

Moreover, they can use multiple other services to cut the cost of shipments like consolidated packaging, inventory management, and storage at various locations. 

Support from Experts 

Third-party fulfillment companies comprise teams who have expertise in handling order fulfillment. They are responsible for shipping orders and for resolving sellers’ issues. 

Logistics experts, staff, support team and the technical team ensure that each order is processed smoothly and efficiently. 

Real-time Inventory Tracking

Effective Shopify inventory management is possible through real-time inventory tracking, monitoring, and forecasting. Using inventory management tools, the sellers can have control over their inventory remotely. They can get insights into inventory performance and avoid stockouts by making informed decisions. Sellers can connect with third-party companies to access tools that allow them to view real-time stock at all fulfillment centers.  

Manage Uneven Sales 

Sales fluctuation is one of the common problems among merchants. Shopify or any other online store owners who experience order fluctuations throughout the year can take advantage of on-demand fulfillment centers by third-party companies. 

On-demand fulfillment centers offer sellers an option to use storage space on a temporary or seasonal basis without any long-term contracts. It is one of the most cost-effective methods to manage stocks and enhance the speed of delivery when the sales are high, especially on special occasions. 

Fast Shipment

Sellers can choose to stock their products at multiple locations from where there are maximum sales. Multiple warehouses at locations closest to customers ensure fast shipment. 

This is the massive advantage of using third-party fulfillment solutions. However, a reliable fulfillment partner is needed to meet sellers’ high demands and expectations. 

Shopify Orders Fulfillment with Pickrr 

Pickrr is a SasS-based platform that allows sellers to integrate their Shopify Store with a tech-enabled dashboard to complete the fulfillment process. 

Integrate shopify store

Here are easy steps to integrate Shopify Store with Pickrr.

Step 1: Log in to Pickrr’s dashboard

Step 2: Choose ‘Integration’ option

Step 3: Click ‘Add New Channel’ 

Step 4: Select ‘ Shopify’

Now, follow these steps to integrate Shopify with Pickrr: 

1. Enter the website admin URL of the Shopify store and click ‘ Download Pickrr App’.

2. You will be redirected to the Login Shopify admin panel.

On successful login, you will need to install the Pickrr App and update Pickrr auth token for necessary approval. Once the Pickrr App is configured on Shopify, come back to the Pickrr dashboard.

3. Click on Connect with Shopify button. The system will automatically fetch authentication tokens from Shopify.

4.  Configure the order status you want to pull on Pickrr’s dashboard.

Your Shopify Store is successfully integrated and synced with Pickrr’s dashboard. 

In addition to the tech-enabled dashboard, sellers can also opt for multiple fulfillment centers pan-India. Know about the service here. 

Pickrr Plus Fulfillment Centers

Pickrr has fulfillment centers pan-India that sellers can access to store and manage products. It offers high-quality services like packaging, kitting, product quality checks, storage of premium products, and all fulfillment centers. 

Each fulfillment center is equipped with a Warehouse Management System (WMS) that can easily integrate with Pickrr’s Order Management System (OMS) and CCTV cameras. The fulfillment center premises are equipped with security systems under the supervision of trained staff. 

Pickrr’s fulfillment centers have scalable storage facilities and at competitive rates. 


Shopify is one of the best eCommerce platforms that has allowed several sellers to make an online presence in the market. However, when it comes to order fulfillment, sellers must choose a service that is the best fit for their business.   

Order fulfillment involves multiple operations that begin with accepting the orders and concludes with the final delivery product to customers. Hence sellers must plan their Shopify orders fulfillment accordingly.  

If you are a Shopify store owner and face any issues with order fulfillment, you can connect with us. Sign up with Pickrr for free to know how we work. Get in touch with one of our experts for any assistance. 

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