Shipping Tips for Small Businesses

Shipping Tips for Small Businesses

Thinking of setting up a small-scale business to sell products online? These helpful shipping tips are a must-read for you. 

If you are running a small online business or thinking of setting up a business to sell your products online, you must also consider the cost of shipping. Shipment is an integral part of online selling, and it adds to the cost of business. Effective shipping and costing have a direct effect on the overall revenue of a business, especially when it is a small business. However, with the right choices of courier service providers and a comprehensive understanding of shipment cost, you can overcome any issues associated with the shipment.  

The small-scale businesses selling their products online are multiplying. With this, their requirement for an effective shipping strategy has also increased. Here we have come up with valuable tips that can help small businesses manage their freight well. 

Online Business Shipping Tips

Small businesses selling products online are growing massively. While the businesses are expanding, the sellers must also know about online business shipping tips. Without an effective shipping strategy, the concept of online delivery does not make sense for the seller and the buyer.  Here we have come up with a few practical shipping tips for small businesses. These shipping tips will help sellers manage their small-scale business effectively and grow their business to another level.

Shipping Tips for Small Businesses

1. Know your geographical delivery location 

Being a small business, you must be aware of your target customers and the geographical locations to cater. It is important to know the shipping location to plan your shipping accordingly and manage your expenses related to the delivery of products.    

Based on the customer reach you must confirm the location of delivery i.e it is within the city, within a range of 500 km or beyond.

2. Finalize how to ship your products

Once you are aware of the geographical locations of delivery, you can proceed further to finalize how you wish to deliver your product. There are various scenarios while finalizing how to ship the product.

One way is to self-handle the entire logistics. It involves packaging and hiring a courier person to deliver products. However, this is the least preferred choice, even among small businesses.

The second is to connect with a courier company that can handle all your logistics requirements. While this is an ideal thing to do, sometimes a single courier company is unable to fulfill all the needs of its customers.

If the above two options do not work for you, there is yet another ideal thing to do i.e to connect with a logistic aggregator. Pickrr—the logistics aggregator helps you connect with multiple courier companies and offers services at a minimal rate. Connecting with various courier companies through a single platform can help you make the entire delivery process smooth and fast.

pickrr eCommerce Logistics Company

3. Determine your shipping goal  

Depending on the type of products that you sell and target customers, you must determine the shipment goal. The shipment goal means what kind of delivery you prefer, i.e., fastest or cheapest. Based on the shipment goal, you can determine your delivery partner and get the most effective delivery done for your business.

4. Understand the shipping costs

If you run a small business and wish to deliver your product, you just need a good understanding of your business and shipment costs. Shipping costs involve a calculation based on various parameters. The parameters that you must consider such as the product’s dead weight, the volumetric weight of items, cost of shipping per kg, distance-wise cost, COD handling charges, surcharge, and any other additional charges.

5. Compare shipping costs with multiple options

Once you have checked multiple options to get the shipping done for your products, it is time to compare shipping costs. A good analysis will help you finalize the best way to deliver your products to the customers.

Sign up on Pickrr’s dashboard to compare services offered by various courier partners and choose the best option for yourself.

6. Choose the right courier service provider 

After a good understanding of services offered by different courier service providers, you must finalize the right courier service provider for yourself. Based on your requirements, you can either go with a single courier service provider or multiple courier service providers. 

If you wish to connect with multiple courier service providers for your business on a single platform, register at Pickrr.


Hope the above shipping tips will help small businesses plan their shipment effectively and will help them expand business with the right and timely delivery. If you are a small-scale seller and looking for the best platform for the shipment of products, you can register with Pickkr. We will help you connect with the best courier service provider.

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