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Fastest and Simplified Shipping Solutions for eCommerce

Shipping solutions are making the entire logistics process smooth and play a major role in the growth of the E-commerce market in India. A smooth delivery involves the hassle-free shipment of the orders resulting in improved customer satisfaction, repeat purchases, and better customer engagement with the brand. 

Although eCommerce has been around for a long time, it has expanded quickly in recent years, especially during the pandemic. Due to the absence of offline stores at the time, even the customers who were skeptical of virtual shopping began making purchases online. The outcome was a massive influx of orders for eCommerce businesses. To manage the sudden rise in rankings, the businesses implemented eCommerce shipping solutions to make timely deliveries. 

So, what’s the role of shipping solutions in the eCommerce industry? How does it help the sellers improve the brand-customer relationship and enhance a business’s profit share? 

Before understanding the impact of shipping solutions on the Indian eCommerce market, Let’s understand what the technology is all about.

What is a shipping solution for eCommerce Stores?

The shipping solutions for eCommerce handle the latter part of the business activities. However, delivering final products without delay or damage from the warehouse to the customer’s door is the most important aspect of a successful eCommerce business. 

They use advanced technologies and APIs to automate operations like order manifestation, tracking, inventory management, and NDR management. These technologies help eCommerce companies scale up quickly without spending extra money on personnel or storage space. Here are some benefits of a shipping solution for eCommerce:

Benefits of Shipping Solutions for E-commerce

Although businesses have a common perception that shipping software will increase the cost while reducing earnings, many online businesses avoid implementing shipping solutions for their eCommerce business. Additionally, the shipping software can help speed up deliveries and lower shipping costs. However, it is often seen that logistics management is more expensive than anticipated without any tech-based products. Let’s look at some benefits of shipping solutions for eCommerce businesses that can help in hassle-free shipping process. 

Automated Shipping Process

A business has total control over shipping operations with an automated process. One will be kept up to date on all the information, including inventory levels, order tracking numbers, courier reports, order delivery reports, etc., via the automated system.

With a robust eCommerce shipping solution in place, a business can quickly import and export files, confirm or cancel orders, check inventory levels, choose a courier, and more, which will boost your overall productivity and speed up delivery. An automated shipping system can help eliminate all manual tasks, lowering the risk of human mistakes and boosting the efficiency of fulfillment operations.

Integration of Sales Channels

The top eCommerce shipping solutions will immediately sync the purchased orders from the sales channel (wherever you sell) to begin the following process. 

A business can provide tracking numbers to its customers and update the order status in real-time. Additionally, the orders will sync immediately to the shipping platform. Further, the shipping solution can be integrated with all the sales channels where the company sells.

Save Time and Money

Shipping solution providers have several courier partners impaneled and can provide the best shipping rates. 

Return Management 

Order returns are the most challenging aspect for an eCommerce business to manage. A company will have access to manage the returned purchases if they use an effective eCom shipping solution.

For return orders, the system enables them to create return labels, plan a reverse pick-up with or without a quality inspection, issue automated reimbursements, receive real-time updates on the status of returns, and more.

Key Features of an eCommerce Shipping Solution

eCommerce Shipping Solution

Here are some key features that all business owners should look out for in an eCommerce shipping software: 

Order Management

The ability to efficiently batch, filter, sort, combine and handle orders.

Price Comparison 

Comparing prices of services offered by all major carriers will enable a business to select the most affordable and expedient delivery option.

Discount Options

Identifying carriers that offer discounts in exchange for large aggregate volumes.

Tracking and Communication

Real-time shipment alerts for customers and the opportunity to follow purchases as they are fulfilled are examples of monitoring and communication.

Rule-making and Automation

Automate tedious processes with rules, allowing personnel to focus on other responsibilities.

Pick Up Management

Printing pick lists, shipping labels, and branding slips are all examples of pick-up management, which enables error-free fulfillment.


Gathering all the information required for outcome analysis and data-driven business decisions.

Management of Returned Goods

Creating return labels and overseeing them.


The program must be compatible with various online stores, shopping carts, and other eCommerce software platforms.

Top 5 Online Business Shipping Platforms and Software for Ecommerce

ecommerce shipping software

Here are the top 5 online shipping software for eCommerce:


Pickrr is an end-to-end SaaS-based logistics solution provider that streamlines the shipping process from the seller to the customer. It brings all the logistical processes to one platform, powered by AI and ML technology. It enables businesses to deliver their products efficiently pan India.

It caters to the demands of businesses of all sizes, whether small, mid-sized, or large. Here are some of the most beneficial aspects of Pickrr’s courier management system for businesses:

  • API channel integration
  • Pickrr reduces RTO by up to 50%, allowing you to get more value out of every cargo.
  • NDR performance and assistance
  • You can link 30+ popular eCommerce systems and marketplaces with a single click.
  • Pickrr’s AI and machine learning models look at 50+ variables to identify cost-effective couriers.
  • Comprehensive courier performance reports
  • Regular updates of the order journey via SMS, email, and WhatsApp
  • Shipment cost calculator
  • Seamless customer support


Online businesses worldwide can use Shippo’s total shipping and delivery management services. The software is one of the most popular eCommerce shipping platforms and tools because of its affordable delivery costs.

  • Shippo is excellent at handling returns. Online retailers with returns addressing concerns might choose Shippo’s reverse logistics services.
  • A business can send orders through 85+ carriers globally and give consumers up-to-the-minute tracking information with real-time tracking updates.


The best rates for shipping with UPS, DHL, and FedEx are available through the eCommerce shipping platform and software Easyship. Companies particularly like Easyship for its deeply discounted shipping rates.

  • 250+ carrier integrations for shipping couriers pan India.
  • Easyship provides comprehensive fulfillment services, including selecting, packing, shipping, warehousing, and inventory management.


ShipBob is a shipping solution for eCommerce companies that offers D2C brands worldwide shipping and general fulfillment services.

  • Easy onboarding enables businesses to begin shipping right away.
  • Find integrations with most e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, and selling platforms.
  • Use the dashboard to filter, choose, remove, or group orders into a single shipment.


Online retailers can efficiently complete orders thanks to the software and worldwide e-commerce shipping platform ShipStation. 

  • For simple order creation and management, integrate your current ERPs, CRMs, selling channels, e-commerce platforms, and marketplaces with ShipStation software.
  • Print labels for more than 500 carriers and distribute them to consumers along with delivery information in real-time.
  • Give customers branded monitoring, and give online retailers inventory control.


When an eCommerce firm is just starting, eCommerce shipping systems and software might not seem necessary. A business can feel overburdened by confirming order data, syncing orders across all selling channels, contacting carriers, and sending order updates to clients when a company grows and receives 10,000 or more orders each month.

An eCommerce shipping platform and software’s role is to free online merchants from working tirelessly to operate their businesses. Additionally, it reduces logistical expenses and offers faster and more accurate delivery. We anticipate this post will help a business choose the best eCommerce shipping platform for their company. Sign up with Pickrr today and leverage the benefits of our tech-driven dashboard. 

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