Tips to Simplify Shipping for Your Business

E-commerce companies always strive to grow their business by launching new products and adding new features and services. Players today look forward to investing in the best shipping services when expanding the market reach. Today global reach for any business is undoubtedly possible due to the advanced business shipping services like better courier, packaging, transportation, and reliable package delivery partners.   

Any business who thinks of expanding its reach must have a complete understanding of the shipment process,  as it is the most crucial process for any trade. 

Here is the step-by-step process to complete the order shipment and important factors that an eCommerce company must follow to complete the shipment journey.

Important Business Shipping Tips 

The eCommerce business provides a great opportunity for brands to take their business to another heights.  However, things can not go as desired if the shipment is not well planned. Hence, anyone looking for the best shipment provider must consider the following factors to ensure fast and accurate delivery. 

Choose the Right Service

Parcel delivery service providers offer a flexible range of express services for reliable shipment from one location to another. Based on business needs one can choose priority business shipping services, express delivery or regular shipment. Also they can modify shipping plans to deliver valuable goods, perishable goods, dangerous items or fragile items.

Determine Transit Time

Transit time is how long it takes to deliver products to the end destination after it is picked from pick-up points. The time required to move goods from one location to another varies depending on the distance and mode of transportation. Hence it is crucial to maintain details before shipping products. 

The service provider gives the option to choose the preferred date and time for shipment. Based on business requirements, sellers can choose the most apt courier services. 

Estimate Shipping Rates  

Calculating shipping costs for shipments can get complicated, as numerous factors need to be considered that may impact the final cost. These include freight weight, packaging, transportation cost, taxes, and additional costs. Hence, before planning to send a courier, businesses must know how shipping cost is calculated to avoid last minute confusion. 

Shipping Rates

Finalize Packaging

Correct packaging and labeling ensures on-time pickup and transportation schedules. Sturdy and reliable packaging is a must to deliver products to customers in good condition. Here are some essential tips for suitable packaging of goods for eCommerce shipment:

  • Make sure to confirm the list of prohibited or restricted items for shipment in a specific region
  • Confirm the size and weight limit of package
  • Label your package with the correct address and shipping information 
  • Wrap individual items with cushioning materials 
  • Use double-layered boxes for heavier items
  • Place small boxes inside large boxes 
  • Use sturdy packaging material for fragile items
  • Remove any stickers or names that are inappropriate 
  • Use an unbending box for packaging

Prepare Documentation 

Complete and accurate documentation of the orders is critical for seamless shipment. Standard procedures are defined by the transportation and logistics authorities for the transportation of goods across states to avoid any unauthorized transitof goods. Hence, all documentation must comply with governments’ regulations, agreement, and duty rates. Any inaccurate or misleading documentation can lead to delay or cancellation of shipment.  

A reliable parcel delivery service company helps sellers to determine and prepare proper documents to complete a specific shipment. They also assist in filling out the form according to the standard guidelines.  

Prepare Commercial Invoice

The invoice contains all billing information for shipments. It defines the bill of sale between the seller and the buyer. Details in an invoice helps a person to identify the product, point of origin, product description, cost and more.

Invoices must be accurate to ensure smooth transaction of products across the hubs. Multiple copies of invoices must be maintained along with the original invoice to be used by multiple users.

Schedule Pickup 

Those who need a parcel delivery service must schedule a pickup date with the business shipping service provider. For this, they need to fill in a detailed form that must have the following details:

  • Contact details
  • Pickup address 
  • Packaging information
  • Destination address

Once details are verified, a confirmation mail of pickup schedules must be sent to customers. 

Check Shipment Notification

Once an order is successfully picked up, a notification following notifications are shared with the seller to track orders throughout the shipment process: 

  • Details of the picked up the product
  • Date and time of parcel pickup
  • Estimated time of delivery
  • Reasons for any delay
  • Successful delivery of the shipment 


For E-commerce business, offering pan India  package delivery services is the key to expanding businesses and staying ahead of the competition. 

Before selecting a shipping partner, businesses must consider certain factors like relevant market, customer base, brand recognition, type of goods, shipping volume, country of delivery, VAT, customs and duties and more. 

It is best to connect with a reliable shipping partner to make things easier. Choose multiple services like packaging, document preparation, same-day delivery, RTO reduction plans, order tracking, and more. Sign Up with Pickrr to simplify your shipping services. 

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