Best Practices for Shipping During Festive Season

The festive season plays a crucial role in the growth of the Indian economy. It is noticeable that most people enjoy exchanging gifts and having a good time from Navratri until the New Year. Even though India celebrates throughout the year, the peak shopping season is from September to December. 

As a result, the delivery and logistics industries face several difficulties due to the unexpected increase in demand. Furthermore, since the logistics and shipping partners are the links between brand and customer, their failure to meet the customers’ expectations can result in harsh criticism for the brands. Therefore, it is crucial to recognize the obstacles to find a workable solution to overcome them to solve the shipping issue. 

Here is a list of the best practices for shipping during the festive season. 

Shipping Best Practices During Peak Seasons

Any online business will find the peak holiday season challenging as orders increase, inventories decline, product and shipping prices rise, and customer expectations rise. However, things don’t have to be like this! By implementing best practices, businesses can better prepare for the busiest shipping period and keep their customers happy during the festive season with its fast shipping process.

Below are a few strategies that businesses can implement to ensure they leverage the maximum out of the festive season:

What Every Merchant’s Checklist Should Include? 

Below-mentioned is the checklist as guidance for eCommerce companies as it streamlines their logistics plan to be better prepared for the festive shipping season. 

  • Choose the best courier partner for your company
  • Post shipping information and rates on your website
  • Smooth post-purchase experience with the delivery and return 
  • Decide on your shipping policies

Re-evaluate Your Return Policy

Customers want to purchase items they can return in case they are unsatisfied with them. According to the brands, the average expected window is 30 days after the sale. 

To draw in holiday shoppers, companies might want to extend the return window of at least 45 days. Additionally, advertising it on the purchase portal might make the customers buy the items as they get a longer return window. 

Automate SMS and Email Alerts for Seamless Post Purchase Experience

Effective delivery notifications are essential for businesses, particularly during the festival season. In addition, companies must leverage the reach of messaging apps such as Whatsapp, the most commonly and most extensively used app for sharing information both ways.

It’s best to inform customers that their order has shipped as soon as possible.  

Notifying the shipping confirmation’s selling channel can be laborious if manually done. However, as a multichannel seller, you can avoid confusion and possible duplicate shipping by figuring out how to update tracking information to the selling channel automatically.

How Does Pickrr Help In Shipping During Festive Season

Pickrr provides several advantages, including Pickkr Advantage, which selects the best courier partners based on the location and cost on delivery, automated tracking, updates via email, Whatsapp, and SMS at each delivery stage, the product’s safety, an Early COD program for quick remittance,  same day Delivery, and next day delivery, and much more.

By using Pickrr as your service partner, you can cut costs and simplify your shipping procedures Moreover, and you won’t ever need to be concerned about managing your busiest shipping period!


If not handled properly, shipping can be pretty difficult. Therefore, it would be best if you outsourced these operations to professionals to stay on top of your eCommerce game during the holiday season.

Let’s say you have a successful festive season and left a lasting impression on the customers. There is a good chance that the customers will keep ordering regularly from your online store. While it is impossible to be completely ready for the busiest season of the year, there are steps you can take to make sure your shipping runs smoothly.

The solutions aren’t always simple to find, but with a little time, effort, and careful planning, holiday shipping can be a breeze. 

We wish you a happy holiday season and all the best!

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