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Shipment Notifications: How to Improve Customer Experience

The most important support pillar for the eCommerce supply chain is the shipping and delivery to clients. Companies understand that enhancing shipping speed and customer experience is a surefire method to improve client satisfaction.

Customers nowadays demand to be kept in the loop on the things they purchase from a company. Buyers  anticipate items arriving as soon as possible and want to know the shipping and delivery status. Moreover, the customers wish for real-time updates which they receive through shipping notifications.

Let’s understand what shipping notifications are and how they can be improved to provide better post purchase experience to the customers.

What are Shipping Notifications?

Shipment notifications are alerts given to consumers to keep them up to date on the status of their orders. These notifications may contain updates on when an order was shipped, when it will be delivered, and any other relevant shipping information.

Shipment alerts are critical for the customer experience since they keep clients informed about the progress of their orders. This information can help  consumers waiting for their products and prevent potential shipment issues.

How Can Brands Improve Shipment Notification Processes for Smooth Consumer Experience?

Shipment notifications are helpful not only for customers but also for the businesses. Brands stay ahead of the competition and establish brand loyalty if they keep clients updated throughout the post-purchase process.

Here are a few ways how shipment notifications can help businesses prosper.

Provide Delivery Notifications

Offering delivery alerts is one of the most effective ways to improve business shipping notification procedures. Consumers can watch the progress of their order and know when to anticipate it. Delivery notifications can be issued by email, text message, or push notification via a mobile app. This provides convenience and peace of mind.

Make Notifications Simple to Manage

Brands should also make it simple for users to unsubscribe from shipment alerts. Giving customers this degree of flexibility allows brands to give a better overall shipment notification experience.

Give a Delivery Date Estimate

When a consumer receives an expected delivery date, they can be certain that their order has been confirmed and will be dispatched. They will also understand when to anticipate the arrival the order and be prepared to receive it.

Have Concise and Clear Notifications

Brands should make sure that shipping notifications are clear and concise to improve their shipping notification process. Business customers should easily understand when their order will be shipped and other important details about the shipping process. Furthermore, companies should send shipping notifications as soon as possible so that their customers know the status of their orders.

Provide Real-Time Order Tracking

Order tracking is important for various reasons, and it is more than just a feature that the modern customer wants. Sure, the customer needs to know the status and location of the parcel. However, it’s also critical that brands have the software to track the shipments so that any delivery issues can be resolved quickly and with minimal losses. In addition, offering order tracking is an excellent way to build trusting customer relationships, and tracking the orders yourself is an excellent way to monitor and optimize the delivery process over time.

Shipment Notifications in the Future

When shipment alerts become more prevalent, customers anticipate a particular degree of service from brands. To match customer expectations, shipping notification processes will need to develop. Real-time tracking, automatic updates, and interactive material are some characteristics that may become more widespread in delivery notifications. Brands can ensure that the shipping notification procedure provides a positive client experience by staying ahead of the curve.

How Does Pickrr Help?

Customers today are highly demanding and want to know their goods’ exact position once they purchase. As a result, they will only remain loyal to a business until it can provide clients with order information. A real-time order tracking notification system will meet this expanding client demand. It delivers all relevant information to clients with a single button.

Pickrr Connect is intended to assist brands in communicating specific order status and location to customers while increasing customer retention. This feature sends the necessary information using today’s most popular communication channels, including SMS, WhatsApp, and email. 


Supply chain disruptions, product shortages, and shipping/delivery issues have forced companies to rethink inventory management and shipping. Streamlining shipping notifications, in particular, can save retail enterprises from losing customers, lower return rates, and protect their brand reputation.

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