Increase Customer Satisfaction by Introducing Same-day Shipping

Increase Customer Satisfaction by Introducing Same-day Shipping

As the eCommerce market in India becomes more and more competitive, brands and businesses are looking for ways to have the edge over their competition. One way to make your offering more attractive is to ensure that the shipping of products takes place at a faster speed.

Waiting for eight to 10 days for any product to reach is no longer feasible for most online shoppers. In a survey conducted earlier this year, 67% of online shoppers shared that they seek faster delivery as an eCommerce fulfillment value. If given an option, most online shoppers will choose same-day shipping. As the owner of an eCommerce business, you will need to explore how you can expedite shipping and delivery options to stay competitive. However, it would help if you undertook this transition by leveraging the right partnerships without the additional stress that will strain your finances and business. 

Here are some tips to help businesses shift towards same-day shipping and delivery with ease and innovative shipping solutions.

Basics of Same-day Shipping

Some of the expedited delivery options include priority shipping, next-day, and same-day shipping, with pricing being a determining factor. Same-day shipping is picking up because it allows businesses to get a headstart in the delivery process. Once the order is placed, the courier services’ partner picks up the shipment the same day as when the order is placed.

This means that you will need to ensure that the product is packed and ready accordingly. You will also need to ensure that your delivery partner is on board with this itinerary. Overpromising and under-delivering to your customer can be a trust-reducing activity. Hence, before promising same-day shipping, ensure that you have the necessary infrastructure to deliver on that promise.

Does it Differ from Same-day Delivery?

Same-day Delivery

Yes, there is a clear difference between same-day shipping and same-day delivery. While same-day shipping means that the product is picked up on the same day as the order is placed, same-day delivery means that it is delivered on the same day as the order is placed.

Sometimes businesses confuse the two and create incorrect expectations. Typically, it is easier to deliver a product where the customer is based in the same city from where the order is picked. It’s important to mention clearly, which service you offer. 

Please keep in mind that if you want to offer same-day delivery to your consumers, you’ll need to ship the shipment the same day.

For a consumer, timely and quick delivery is critical. If a consumer orders a gift for someone whose birthday is the following day, he or she expects the gift to be delivered the same day. If the purchase is not delivered on the same day it is placed, you risk a one-day delay, which could result in the buyer returning the order.

Missing delivery marks with consumers may be disastrous for your company.

Here are some helpful hints for providing same-day shipment and delivery to your consumers: 

Set the Right Expectations

It is essential to stay very practical when promising same-day shipping and same-day delivery. For instance, a cut-off time must be set so that customers do not place orders at 11.30 pm and expect same-day shipping or delivery.

Work backward by checking in with your delivery partner to understand the latest cut-off time that you can set to offer same-day shipping realistically. This must be communicated on your website or eCommerce platform itself, from where the customer is placing the order. Educating the customer and being transparent is essential.  

Facilitate Same-day Shipping 

Aiming to introduce same-day shipping across every pin code all at once is an ambitious plan. It can also be overwhelming and impractical. Instead, start small and test it out before you get ambitious and introduce it.

You can attempt it in certain areas where fulfillment is easy to expedite. The next step is to put human resources behind the plan and have a high-delivery partner to fulfill this need.

Shipping aggregators, for instance, will help you discover multiple courier service partners who can fulfill same-day shipping needs across locations. If one is unavailable, another can step up. Having a backup is always important.

Review Your Inventory 

One of the most basic requirements is that products must be available in stock. Your business must not have any existing supply chain issues when shifting to same-day shipping. The overall supply chain will need to be evaluated to ensure shipping and delivery happen as per new cycles. Quick and secure packaging of the products is equally important. 

Partner with a High-trust Shipping Aggregator 

Your shipping and delivery needs will vary based on customer locations and needs.

Flexibility, reliability, and superior tracking options are a must-have, as customers seek to be notified multiple times about their orders.

Third-party eCommerce fulfillment platforms have a superior tech-enabled interface that simplifies shipping.

A key solution to expediting shipment to various parts of the country is to ensure that your products are stored wherever your customers reside. For instance, if maximum customers for your business live in Bangalore, you can ensure same-day shipping and, perhaps, even delivery by ensuring that you store your products in a warehouse in Bangalore.

One big challenge for many businesses is that they do not own warehousing facilities. The cost of buying or renting facilities and managing them can be challenging.

However, today, shipping aggregators offer eCommerce warehouse facilities as an additional offering, making it cost-effective as an add-on.  

With a strong network of 29000+ postal codes and a warehouse network pan-India, here are some advantages of Pickrr Plus Fulfillment:

Fulfillment Solutions

Our Pickrr Plus Fulfillment Solutions is designed to help businesses looking for warehousing services pan-India to keep their stocks. Here’s how your business can benefit from Pickrr Plus Fulfillment Solutions:

  • Same-day and next-day deliveries
  • No capital expense to manage warehouses
  • Trusted storage and handling
  • Effortless return shipments
  • Updates on order fulfillment using AI technology
  • Exciting rebates on shipping costs
  • Trouble-free integration of eCommerce stores for warehouse logistics solutions

Looking for a warehouse fulfillment solution for your business? Sign up with Pickrr to get in touch with experts and start your safe and secure inventory management today.

The Takeaway

Ensure that same-day shipping does not erode your bottom line. You may need to charge an extra fee for expedited delivery. Typically you may incentivize the customers to pay more for same-day delivery, especially if they are looking to gift in time for a festival or order late for an essential need.

Partnering with a reliable, high-trust shipping aggregator will save you a lot of hassle and ensure you meet your delivery standards. This is a great way to take customer delight to the next level and provide get customers for your product and business.

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