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What is Same-day Delivery in eCommerce?

Same-day delivery in eCommerce has fundamentally changed the way people purchase products online. Using the same-day delivery service customer’s can receive products within 24 hours of product purchase.

With businesses investing in technology and resources to scale their services and offer fast shipping solutions,  same-day delivery has become even more popular. This demand will keep on increasing in days to come as per several studies.

Same-day delivery is not only a valuable service for a customer, but is it also profitable for businesses? Is it a cost-effective solution for them? How do eCommerce sellers manage to offer same-day delivery, and what are the challenges they face? 

To answer all these questions, we have come up with details about same-day delivery services in eCommerce.

Understanding Same-day Delivery in Detail

Same-day delivery is an express delivery service that fulfills orders faster, ideally within 24 hours of the request.

Businesses these days recognize the rising demand for same-day delivery among online buyers. Owing to this reason, they don’t give a second thought to implementing strategies and solutions that can help them offer the same-day delivery services. 

According to a Statista report, by 2027, the same-day delivery market is forecasted to reach 26.4 billion U.S. dollars. 

Global same-day delivery

Logistics in Same-day Delivery 

Logistics and supply chain management are the fundamental keys to the success of same-day delivery in eCommerce. Businesses cannot claim same-day delivery to customers without a dedicated workforce and efficient transportation services in logistics.

Technology in logistics is another boom in supply chain management. Using advanced technology, companies can streamline various processes and reduce both time and effort in performing operations. 

Know how logistics is changing the face of shipping solutions in eCommerce.

Logistics of same-day delivery can be complex, as all processes like packaging, shipping, transportation, delivery must be lined up within a short period.

One of the biggest challenges that businesses face is to connect with a reliable service provider who can help them meet their shipment goals. While challenges are there, 3PL companies are the key players in helping businesses meet their shipping needs. 

Now, although all the processes in logistics like fast pickup, packaging, and transportation are equally important for fast delivery, a major role is played by a warehouse fulfillment center. Using a fulfillment center, companies can keep stock of items at a location from where they get the maximum orders or where their targeted customers are present. This way, the products can be delivered within a day of the order placement.

Benefits of Same-day Delivery 

Same-day delivery is a cost-effective shipping solution for businesses if implemented in the right way.

Here is how eCommerce sellers can benefit from same-day delivery: 

1. Boost Customer Satisfaction

Today customer satisfaction has become the foremost priority of businesses. Companies are focused more on services that can enhance their customer satisfaction. One among such services is same-day delivery.

It is especially delightful for customers to receive products on the same day on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, etc. 

2. Strengthen Customer Trust 

Sellers recognize that trust-building is a long-term commitment. eCommerce businesses that successfully offer same-day delivery services tend to acquire customers’ trust. When they offer same-day delivery, customers believe that they are honest with their claim of fast delivery. 

However, with trust also comes the responsibility to maintain it. Companies offering same-day delivery must ensure to keep their service quality up.

3. Increase Customer Retention 

The ability of businesses to retain customers for an extended period of time is one of their biggest achievements. Businesses that offer same-day delivery on a regular basis are able to retain customers at a greater level. 

One of the topmost priorities of an eCommerce business must be to create a strong loyal customer base. Retained customers not only continue to bring revenue for businesses but also helps businesses grow with word of mouth marketing. It also helps create recognition in the market space.

4. Maintain Competitiveness

With so many requests for same-day delivery coming in from customers, offering it can be challenging for businesses. But instead of the challenges, it is important to offer fast shipment to remain competitive in the eCommerce space. This is where 3PL companies with tech-enabled shipping solutions come into the picture.

They help sellers to choose from multiple logistics solutions, access tech-enabled warehouses and fast transportation to complete delivery in the minimum time.   

5. Enhance Credibility 

Happy customers tend to add reviews and share positive feedback on eCommerce platforms. Same-day delivery definitely satisfies your customers, and it is a great way to fetch maximum positive reviews from them. It can also be a medium for word-of-mouth marketing. 

This adds credibility to the services and helps businesses create their brand image. 

Limitations of Same-day Delivery in eCommerce

While same-day delivery can add maximum benefits to businesses through customer satisfaction, it comes with certain limitations. Know what are these limitations here: 

Need Advanced Logistics Solutions

In order to offer same-day delivery services, businesses must invest in advanced logistics. The product must be packed and kept ready at the right time for pickup. For this, the inventory management must be advanced, the staff must be well trained and equipped to handle fast delivery and the transportation system must be reliable.

Require Initial Investment

Businesses that offer same-day delivery have to indulge in initial investments which are beneficial in the long term. These investments are made in the warehouse solutions, technology, marketing etc.

Same-day delivery in eCommerce can take the success rate of a business to another level. It is for this reason that more and more businesses decide to implement strategies to offer fast shipping solutions.

Does Same-day Delivery Make Sense for Businesses?

Even though the need for same-day delivery is huge among customers, many sellers are often unsure about implementing it. The reason is the lack of surety about executing same-day delivery and the cost of shipping that can be unexpectedly high.   

If same-day delivery challenges are something that you worry about, here’s exactly what you should do:

1. Categorize your Orders

The shipping need varies depending on the type of product. Certain items like grocery products, flowers etc. need to be delivered as early as possible. Collect and analyze the requirements of customers. Make a list of orders that require same-day delivery. It is easier to implement same-day delivery shipment provided the demand is confirmed beforehand.

2. Confirm Buyer’s Location 

The location of the buyer is crucial to execute same-day delivery. Once the exact location of the buyer is confirmed sellers can measure the distance between the source and final destination, and analyze if the same-day delivery is feasible or not. 

This information can also be used to choose warehouse location depending on the maximum same-day delivery requirements from an area.

3. Estimate Shipping Cost 

Know how to bear the shipping cost of same-day delivery. Some businesses charge shipping costs from customers while others offer free shipment. In order to offer free shipping solutions, it is important to analyze the product margin. When businesses cannot recover delivery costs completely, a part of it is recovered from the product margin.

Same-day Delivery by Pickrr

Pickrr announces same-day delivery services in metro cities. 

The tech-enabled SaaS platform is now committed to helping businesses with the fastest shipping solutions. Here is how Pickrr helps eCommerce sellers and D2C brands with fast product delivery:

same day delivery
  • Helps sellers connect with the best courier service provider that offers the fastest delivery service as per the order requirement.
  • Pickrr Plus Fulfillment Solutions helps businesses to keep stock of items at a place that is nearest to their customers. This helps them to ship products on the same day it is placed.

How to Lower Same-day Delivery Cost?

Shipping is one of the primary concerns for businesses and when it comes to offering same-day delivery. Know how the below strategies can help businesses lower same-day delivery services: 

Batch Products

Businesses can use advanced automated systems to batch products together that need to be shipped at the same geographical locations in the same time period. This can help in using the transportation services efficiently and minimizing the costs, which add to the maximum cost in shipment.

Work with Multiple Courier Partners

Relying on a single courier partner may be disadvantageous for businesses that require same-day delivery services. By connecting with multiple courier partners, they can compare performances, and also increase the delivery coverage area. 

Use Micro-fulfillment Centers

Micro-fulfillment centers are small highly automated storage facilities that are close to the end customer’s location. Utilizing these centers can help reduce the cost of delivery as it reduces the shipping distance and operational costs.

pickrr fulfillment

Future of Same-day Delivery 

The demand for the same-day has exploded massively in the past few years. Recent trends in eCommerce show that customers will continue to expect delivery within 1 or 2 days of placement of orders. Hence, businesses that will be able to offer the fastest delivery will be able to thrive in the years to come.

Logistics and warehousing services will play a major role in offering the same-day delivery services. Technology and innovation will keep expanding to maintain accuracy in the process.

Retailers these days already look for logistics solutions and look for partnerships with same-day delivery companies that can help them meet their high volume last-mile delivery requirements. 

Tech-enabled solutions in logistics are the only solutions that can help manage orders in high volume with the same-day delivery demand.  

Using data science and AI, logistics companies can resolve the hindrances in same-day shipping. Say, heavy same-day delivery orders, challenges in the transportation chain, location detection, and ways to handle order cancellation. 


eCommerce is a great way to sell products anywhere around the globe. But with convenience also comes the responsibility to keep upgrading processes and services associated with it.

Logistics is of utmost importance without which companies cannot meet the ultimate goal of the platform i.e helping customers get products at their doorsteps in a time period defined by them.

Connect with a reliable logistics company that can help you with the fastest shipping solutions. Sign up with Pickrr to get tech-enabled solutions to meet your fast shipping requirements.

Over the years, Pickrr has helped a colossal number of D2C businesses and other eCommerce sellers to reduce their delivery time by more than half.

The dedicated Pickrr Plus Fulfillment solution helps sellers deliver within 24 hours to customers. Pickrr’s warehouse centers are available across India that are used to maintain stock of products at the locations that are nearest to the customers.

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