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Same-day Delivery: Challenges and Solutions

Same-day delivery has fundamentally changed the buying and selling patterns in eCommerce. Today, customers can shop any product online and receive it on their doorsteps within 24 hours of order placement. With this, same-day delivery has made the lives of people much easier and more convenient.

The demand for same-day delivery from customers is no longer an exception. Today, online shopping and instant delivery have become the basic need of the mass population. 

In recent years, many businesses have started investing in operations and services that can help them offer products to customers within 24 hours of order placement.

While offering same-day delivery is the key to upscaling any business, there are certain challenges associated with it. The same-day delivery challenges are obvious as there are multiple operations that need to be streamlined within a definite time frame.

However, if things are planned strategically, offering same-day delivery can be much easier for sellers.

Know the challenges in same-day delivery and how to overcome them here:

Same-day Delivery Challenges

Offering same-day delivery is a significant achievement for any business. What is challenging is maintaining the quality of service. 

Online sellers come across certain challenges when it comes to offering same-day delivery. With the right strategic plan, some overcome them while others fail.

Same-day delivery challenges can be broadly categorized into warehouse and fulfillment centers challenges and the cost of delivery challenges. 

Same-day Delivery Challenges

 Know what are these challenges in detail here:

Warehouse and Fulfillment Centers

Warehouse and fulfillment centers play a vital role in ensuring same-day delivery of products. Ineffective management of these centers can hamper the same-day delivery process and stop businesses from offering the service.

Know the significant issues in warehouse and fulfillment services that can majorly impact the speed of delivery:

The inaccurate stock of products

Sometimes, the product is not accurately stocked in the warehouse, as listed on the online store. The customer places an order but it is out of stock. In such a case the seller is left with no other option than to cancel the order. This majorly impacts the reputation of the seller.

Distant location of warehouse fulfillment centers

The purpose of choosing a warehouse fulfillment center that is close to customers is to ensure fast delivery.

A warehouse that is far away from customers significantly increases the time of delivery as the product needs to be transported to a greater distance. Further, it adds to the cost of delivery.

Non-visibility of inventory

Sometimes an order placed online is not found stocked in the inventory. This is due to poor visibility of inventory. Without an appropriate order tracking system in warehouse fulfillment, sellers cannot keep an accurate count of products.

Right tracking of inventory is essential for same-day delivery as there is no scope to bring the product from other fulfillment centers within a defined period. The order usually gets canceled in case of wrong order tracking.

Mishandling of products

Improper handling of products can happen in a rush to offer fast delivery. This can sometimes cause product damage.

Replacement of damaged products adds to the time of delivery.

In case the damaged product is not identified and shipped, it can directly impact the service provider’s reputation. Customers will tend to be dissatisfied with the quality of service and may refrain from re-purchasing products.

Lack of staff

The same-day delivery requires a quick response from staff associated with different operations in logistics. Insufficient staff members throughout the supply chain can impact packaging, pickup, transportation, and delivery of products.

Also, the products must be in the hands of reliable and trustworthy people. This minimizes the chances of product loss, damage, wrong deliveries, and more.

Delivery Cost

Same-day delivery must be profitable for the company as well as for customers. A cost-effective shipping service is possible only if all the processes are implemented correctly. However, it is not an ideal condition all the time.

Know the same-day delivery challenges companies face in offering it at a profitable cost.

Use of additional resources

There is a definite time period within which the order needs to be delivered. Sometimes, additional resources like manpower and transportation are needed to fulfill orders. This adds to the delivery costs and cuts the profit margins of companies.

Customers’ unwillingness to pay delivery charges

Often customers expect same-day delivery but they are not willing to pay for the delivery cost. The seller needs to bear the entire cost of a same-day delivery shipment in such a case.

Transportation cost

The transportation cost is high if the distance between the pickup point and delivery location is greater than expected for the same-day shipment. Also, the mode of transportation used for product shipment can majorly impact the shipment cost in same-day delivery.

same day delivery

How to Overcome Same-Day Delivery Challenges?

Offering same-day delivery can be challenging if the operations and logistics are not streamlined. However, with the right implementation of strategies businesses can overcome same-day delivery challenges. Know how to overcome challenges in fulfillment centers and costs on shipment in same-day delivery here:

Find a Fulfillment Center

The fulfillment centers support the dispatch and movement of products at the earliest. These are critical components in the same-day delivery services.

Know how to make the best use of fulfillment centers to ensure same-day delivery:

Choose a fulfillment center close to customers

Sellers who wish to offer same-day delivery must ensure to keep their products stocked at a place that is closest to customers.

Fulfillment centers are the best way to keep stock of items at a location from where maximum orders are received.

This not only minimizes the time to deliver products but also decreases the supply chain cost of each order.

Keep track of inventory

Opt for a fulfillment center service provider who can help you in keeping track of product orders. The right implementation of tools and technologies can help inaccurate tracking of products in inventory.

Orders listed on online stores must sync with the products stocked in the inventory. Data must be regularly updated and tracked by the seller to avoid out-of-stock conditions.

Use a reliable transportation service

A reliable transportation service is a must for same-day delivery. It is necessary to ensure a smooth flow of products from origin to the destination on time.

Transportation ensures fast delivery and helps reduce the cost of shipment. Hence, businesses must opt for a transportation service ideal for same-day delivery.

The warehouse manager must ensure effective transportation management. The vehicle must be ready to ship as soon as staff members pack it at the fulfillment centers.

Consider Cost of Shipment

Consumers who expect same-day delivery are either not willing to pay for delivery or willing to pay for it at a competitive price.

Hence, businesses must consider reducing the costs of shipment to remain competitive. Know various ways by which costs on shipment can be reduced:

Use optimized packaging

Heavy packaging adds to the cost of shipment. Try to reduce the weight of packaging as much as possible. Use lightweight packaging materials.

Order consolidation is yet another way to minimize the cost of packaging. Try using small packages instead of using big-sized boxes.

Consider multiple courier service providers

Each service provider has a different approach to calculating the shipping costs. Hence, the cost of shipment may vary depending on the shipping carriers.

The ideal solution here is to connect with multiple shipping partners and use the service that is best suited for different orders.

Pickrr’s Same-Day Delivery Service

Pickrr, the SAAS-based logistics platform is ready to offer same-day delivery in metro cities. Know how the company ensures same-day delivery:

Pickrr Plus Fulfillment solution plays a major role in offering same-day delivery. Once an order is placed, the shipment request reaches the Pickrr Plus fulfillment center nearest to the customer.

The order is picked up by the transportation service provider from the fulfillment center and is directly sent to the customer. All these services are offered at a competitive rate.

Pickrr uses tech-enabled services deployed at every point in the supply chain. The focus is to reduce the overall time in completing the shipment.

The all-in-one dashboard solutions of Pickrr streamline various operations needed to execute the same-day delivery.

Connect with Pickrr to offer same-day delivery and stay competitive in the eCommerce space. Enhance customer satisfaction and maximize customer retention.

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