Importance of Real-time Tracking in eCommerce Business

The Indian eCommerce market has shown remarkable growth in the past decade. According to a report by the Indian Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF), the Indian eCommerce market is expected to witness a 21.5% CAGR from 2018 to 2026. The report also states that the market shall reach a value of US$ 200 billion by the end of the forecast period. Owing to this projected growth, the players of the Indian eCommerce market are investing massive amounts of money in technologies enabling them to stand ahead of the competition. 

Over the past few years, technological developments have massively impacted the Indian retail sector. Penetration of the Internet in the daily lives of the Indian population has further propelled the growth of the eCommerce sector in India. One technology that has helped eCommerce players make definitive names for themselves is real-time tracking.

Let’s look at the definition and importance of real-time tracking for eCommerce businesses.

What is Real-time Tracking?

Real-time tracking in eCommerce monitors the order from placement to delivery using advanced technologies such as GPS, RFIDs, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. These technologies locate and alert the sellers and shoppers about the order’s current location in real-time.

In layman’s language, real-time order tracking offers the eCommerce business a way to track deliveries as they reach a particular checkpoint. It takes the order placement to the order fetched by the courier partner to all the way it gets delivered to the end customer’s address into consideration to reflect the relevant data. The right combination of tracking delivery and communication technologies can yield unprecedented visibility on every delivery, allowing businesses to spot any issue encountered in a designated route. As a result, business owners can take proactive actions to mitigate potential challenges.

Why is Real-time Tracking Important for eCommerce Businesses?

Since the definition of real-time tracking has been cleared, let’s look at its importance in the eCommerce sector.

Prevents Delivery Scheduling Challenges

The data generated by real-time tracking systems allow the customers to access the details that ensure their availability to receive the order. As a result, the sellers can reduce RTO risks and improve their NDR statuses. Moreover, providing visibility to the customer also helps the eCommerce businesses to have a better customer experience and satisfaction.

Helps in Better Risk Management for the Businesses

Tracking Delivery with real-time GPS and RFIDs allows eCommerce businesses to deliver the products in optimum weather and traffic conditions. Additionally, AI and ML-powered real-time delivery tracking solutions can help companies create specific routes that enable delivery partners to optimize their delivery time. Moreover, these solutions also help the businesses to increase the productivity of the delivery partners while managing the labor and transportation costs. As a result, the margin for risks involved in last-mile delivery is substantially reduced.

Provokes Customer Loyalty

Customers appreciate it when a business pays attention to queries and delivery needs. Efficient real-time tracking of the delivery system improves customer satisfaction, increasing customer retention. As a result, the eCommerce business can leverage repetitive orders for better sales and revenue.

Enhanced Business Growth

Business owners need to prioritize delivery updates as a measurable success matrix to have a successful eCommerce business. Companies failing to provide these updates bear a heavy loss in terms of customers and sales. Therefore, eCommerce businesses must have a robust and insightful real-time tracking system implemented in their business processes.

Benefits of Real-time Delivery Tracking in eCommerce

It shall not be appropriate not to have a clear idea about the benefits of real-time tracking in the eCommerce business. Let’s have a look:

Delivery Tracking in eCommerce

Have Better Control Over Order Fulfillment

The job of an eCommerce company does not end with just packaging the product and handing it over to the delivery partner. Instead, the main task of the eCommerce business is to ensure that the product is delivered to the customer on time and in good quality. With the help of a real-time tracking delivery solution, the business can have more control over the order fulfillment status and can quickly address any challenges as they arise. Lack of such a system can lead to missing crucial tracking information, higher backlogs, and unhappy customers. 

The real-time tracking systems allow the business to have actionable insights on order transits to and from fulfillment centers. This allows the eCommerce businesses to have better control over their order fulfillment.

Meeting the Customer Expectations

Today’s customers have become accustomed to having high-level visibility of the orders. This is the result of the growing demands of online shoppers who are more concerned about delivering their products. The customers cautiously note the lack of this information, posing a significant risk to customer loyalty and brand image. 

By offering real-time tracking updates of the orders, eCommerce businesses can provide essential information to the customers, making them feel connected to the brand. This, as a result, enhances the customer experience and revenue for the eCommerce players.

With the advancement of the internet, a product can be ordered from any part of the country. It might be possible that the product is quite far from the final destination, and the customer might be waiting to receive the orders. Real-time tracking allows the customers to know the precise location of the order and provides them with an accurate delivery time. Knowing that the eCommerce company cares about the customer’s time improves customer satisfaction.

Substantial Reduction in Overall Operational Cost

ECommerce businesses have to deal with several complaints and inquiries in many cases. Coping with these queries can be quite troublesome for eCommerce business owners, and they might have to hire someone or outsource their customer service. However, real-time tracking can easily solve this challenge.

The crucial information regarding the delivery of the products is sent to the customer as an automatic shipping notification. Moreover, in case of any roadblock, the business can identify the delivery state and take suitable actions to overcome the challenges. 

Real-time tracking automates the process of delivery updates reducing the burden on the in-house customer support team. This allows the businesses to save time and money, which can be invested in other processes to improve the customer experience.

How to Implement Real-time Tracking?

Looking at the importance and benefits of real-time tracking of the deliveries, it is fair to understand how eCommerce businesses can implement this tracking technology in their business.

There are various tools available in the marketplace that offer real-time tracking. However, Pickrr Connect stands exceptionally ahead of the competition. The tool developed by Pickrr allows the sellers to provide delivery tracking updates to their customers in real-time. Pickrr Connect enables the sellers to notify their customers via email, WhatsApp, and SMS. The tool can be easily integrated into the seller’s online store and seamlessly provide automatic shipping notifications to the customers.

pickrr connect


In today’s competitive world, delivery tracking updates are a crucial aspect of success for an eCommerce business. Providing real-time tracking to the customers adds customer satisfaction as value to the business. Having a real-time tracking system for the deliveries improves brand loyalty and brand image among the customers helping the companies to have a successful future. If you are looking to implement real-time tracking for your eCommerce business, click here.

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