Pickrr Advantage and Shiprocket Assured

A 360 Degree Analysis of Pickrr Advantage and Shiprocket Assured

The D2C market in India is dominated by two major players in logistics, fulfillment, and first and last-mile delivery sectors, Pickrr and Shiprocket. According to Inc42, the US$ 200 billion D2C market has witnessed a significant boom in recent years owing to the growth of online shopping and the COVID-19 outbreak. Another report by Deloitte states that the Indian eCommerce market shall witness a staggering 11.4% CAGR during the forecast period of 2020 to 2026. The massive growth of the market is attributed to the factors such as rising demand for online shopping. Additionally, the COVID-19 outbreak that forced Indian customers to stay at home for an extended period due to lockdowns and stringent guidelines, the trend of online shopping has gathered great momentum today. Nevertheless, the shipment solution providers in the countries are developing and deploying products and services that can further assist the sellers to leverage the potential of the Indian eCommerce market.

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What is Pickrr Advantage?

The eCommerce sellers today have to consider various parameters before selecting a courier company to deliver their products to the customers. They have to understand the performance of the courier companies according to zones, type of products, time taken to deliver, and most importantly, the cost of every delivery to calculate their net profit.

Both Pickrr and Shiprocket hold a gigantic share in the eCommerce shipment and logistics industry. To ensure the dominance of the companies is maintained, both are relying on tech-based solutions that can provide better visibility and order management to the sellers. Some of the products offered by Pickrr are Pickrr Connect, Pickrr Fulfillment, Pickrr Predict, and Pickrr Advantage. On the other hand, Shiprocket offers Shiprocket packaging, Shiprocket Fulfillment, Shiprocket Engage, and Shiprocket Assured. However, each company delivers two products specifically designed to ease the shipment process for sellers, resulting in better sales and profit. These products are Pickrr Advantage and Shiprocket Assured.

Pickrr Advantage is designed to remove the roadblocks in the processes mentioned above from sellers’ shoulders while adding value to their business. Instead of selecting the courier partner, eCommerce sellers can choose Pickrr Advantage and let the ML-powered solution select the best delivery partner for the business. The machine-learning algorithm of Pickrr Advantage allocates the product to the courier based on pricing, product type, and mode of transportation.

What is Shiprocket Assured?

Shiprocket Assured is a tech-enabled solution for SMEs. The solution matches the eCommerce sellers with the best possible courier partners for their shipments. Shiprocket’s solution uses automation for courier selection based on buying patterns of the customers, the location of the delivery area, the performance of the courier partner in a particular zone, and the type of products.

Comparing Pickrr Advantage with Shiprocket Assured

Comparing Pickrr Advantage with Shiprocket Assured

Since the definition of both the products is clear, let’s look at the differentiating pointers of Pickrr Advantage and Shiprocket Assured.

Turnaround Time (TAT)

Both Pickrr Advantage and Shiprocket Assured are designed to improve the TAT% for the sellers. Pickrr guarantees 100% assurance, whereas Shiprocket Assured offers 95% improvement in the TAT% for the sellers. Although the difference seems smaller, the results can be quite distinctive when compared to the number of products delivered to the end customer.

Usability for the Users

eCommerce sellers trust Pickrr and Shiprocket with the delivery of their products as both the companies offer well-monitored and well-designed shipment solutions. The shipment solutions offered by the companies are paid, and the subscription plans are categorized as Advanced, Pro, and Enterprise plans for Shiprocket.

However, there are no subscription charges for sellers willing to opt for Pickrr as their shipment service provider. Pickrr Advantage can be leveraged by any seller associated with Pickrr. In contrast, Shiprocket Assured can only be used by the sellers who have subscribed to the plans listed above.

RTO Freight Charge Refunds

Return to origin or RTO is one of the most daunting challenges for any eCommerce seller. When it comes to the return of the order to the origin, the seller has to bear double the cost, i.e., once when the product is picked up from the seller and attempted to deliver to the customer and second when the product is returned from undelivered location to origin.

Pickrr Advantage and Shiprocket Assured both predict the RTO% for specific locations. However, the prediction of successful delivery fails when it comes to the RTO Assurance breach, and the order becomes RTO. Pickrr Advantage provides refunds on the reverse freight, whereas Shiprocket only offers rebates to the forward freight.

Easy to Use for Multiple Channel Users

Pickrr Advantage can be used by sellers using platforms such as Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce, ZOHO, Wix, Magento, Bikayi, Instamojo, Opencart, eCwid, Shoptimize, StoreHippo, and ClickPost. Additionally, it can be used by the sellers who have their marketplace on platforms such as Unicommerce, BrownTape, EasyOps, and Vinculum.

On the other hand, Shiprocket Assured can be used by eCommerce sellers using BigCommerce, Opencart, Magento, Woocommerce, ZohoCommerce, PrestaShop, Shiprocket 360, StoreHippo, Instamojo, Bikayi, and EasyCom.

This implies that Pickrr Advantage can be used by more sellers who have their marketplaces on multiple platforms.

Technologies used for Courier Allocation

Pickrr Advantage uses machine learning, automation, and data analytics to allocate an optimum courier partner to the sellers. Using the data collected for more than six years in the logistics and shipping space in the country, Pickrr Advantage leverages visual data for better TAT and RTO prediction. Based on the data analysis and pattern identification, the machine learning algorithm of the Pickrr Advantage allocates the courier partner to the seller, improving their first and last-mile delivery.

On the other hand, Shiprocket Assured uses artificial intelligence as a base technology to allocate the courier partner to the sellers.

Apart from the differences mentioned above, Pickrr Advantage and Shiprocket Assured offer unified rate cards to the sellers. These rate cards directly eliminate the complex process of courier partner selection from the seller’s end. The companies say that the seller had to put the order to the companies and let Pickrr and Shiprocket handle the rest. Irrespective of the courier partner’s pricing, both the companies shall provide a unified rate card that will allow the sellers to have seamless product deliveries and better profit through their eCommerce business.


Pickrr and Shiprocket have a significant grip over the D2C market in India. The companies are constantly developing and deploying innovative solutions for the eCommerce sellers to help them achieve desired goals through their business. Pickrr Advantage and Shiprocket Assured are designed to help eCommerce sellers to overcome the challenge of courier selection and focus on developing quality products for their customers. Pickrr Advantage is Pickrr’s futureproof solution to ensure seamless growth of the eCommerce sellers across the India D2C market. To know more about Pickrr Advantage, click here.

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