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Address and Order Confirmation: The New Blue Tick for Post Purchase Experience

With a new online business opening its doors for virtual customers, the D2C market is witnessing substantial growth today. According to Shiprocket CII report, the Indian D2C market stands at US$ 12 billion in FY 2022 and is expected to reach US$ 60 billion by the end of FY 2027. The report also states that the market will witness a whopping 40% CAGR from 2021 to 2027. 

Looking at the growth in the Indian D2C market, it is evident that companies have to ensure that the customers are satisfied with their products, services, and deliveries. Offering a seamless delivery can be a useful measure that can help the brands to provide a seamless post-purchase experience to the shoppers.

Although the delivery starts once the order is packed and ready to ship, the journey of a unique post-purchase experience can typically begin before order packaging. Some of the measures taken by the brands to establish a connection between the business and customers are:

  • Sending order confirmation messages
  • Address verification messages
  • Asking for the customer’s availability for delivery
  • Scheduling the delivery as per the customer’s address

Among these practices, order confirmation and address verification are the two new techniques that D2C brands actively engage the customer with even before the shipping starts.

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What is Order Confirmation?

An order confirmation message is typically triggered after the customers make the purchase. Simply put, an order confirmation is a method of communicating that the order has been accepted. The message asks the customers to verify that the selected products are final. If not then the customer can make alterations to the purchase order. The order confirmation can be used as proof that the brand has sent the right product to the customer, reducing the chances of any dispute that may arise in the future. 

Order Confirmation: Why Brands are Focusing on Sending These Messages?

Order Confirmation

Any D2C brand working in the Indian market strives to excel in delivering an out-of-the-box customer experience. To do this, companies are focusing on more than just providing an enhanced shopping experience throughout their customers’ shopping journeys. 

Order confirmation, a trending practice today, is being deployed as a part of the enhanced shopping experience, allowing companies to initiate customer engagement before product shipping starts.

Address Verification: Assuring the Successful Deliveries

One of the essential details for successful delivery is the shipping address. Depending upon availability, a customer can order the product to its residential or commercial address. However, there can be instances when the product has returned to the origin due to wrong address, and the seller has to pay for not just forward shipments but also for the reverse shipments. Consequently, the seller has to bear extra costs, minimizing the profit margins.

To avoid such scenarios, the brands shoot an address verification message to confirm where the order needs to be delivered. As a result, the brands can improve their delivery success rate, and reduce RTO, further improving brand’s profit coefficient.

Pickrr Connect: New Order Confirmation and Address Verification Features Launched

Order Confirmation and Address Verification

Pickrr Connect, a two-way communication platform developed by Pickrr, is now available with new advanced features of order confirmation and address verification. The upgraded Pickrr Connect provides a WhatsApp-based communication channel for brands to communicate with their customers. This channel can ensure that the order placed by the shopper is correct and that the address provided is accurate. 

What Inspired Pickrr Connect to Evolve?

According to surveys, 25% of orders are returned to their origin due to a bad address or a customer’s refusal to accept the delivery. Consequently, the sellers or brands have to bear the cost of forward and reverse shipments. Moreover, the cost of inventory being unable to be used again was another disadvantage that led Pickrr to evolve its flagship value-added service.

How Does the New Feature Work?

When the shopper places the order on the brand’s platform, and the company uses Pickrr’s services, a WhatsApp message is triggered from the 3PL to the customer’s registered mobile number.

In the order confirmation message, the features provide two options, namely:

  • Confirm Order
  • Cancel Order

Upon accepting the order confirmation, the customer shall receive another WhatsApp message asking for address confirmation. Under this message, the customer will be able to choose from yet another set of two actions:

  • Confirm address
  • Update Address

Once the address and order details are confirmed and verified, Pickrr starts the shipping process.

How Order Confirmation and Address Verification will Help the Brands?

D2C companies can now create an unfulfilled order in the system without assigning a Tracking ID (or Waybill no.) to it. The businesses can now get an order confirmation from the customers through WhatsApp messages and convert it into shipments.

As a result of this process, brands can ensure that the customers are getting what they paid for in the very first attempt of delivery. Eventually, this improves the shipping and delivery time and success rate resulting in an enhanced post-purchase experience for the customers.


Address verification and order confirmation have become new engagement tools for businesses willing to expand their wings in the post-purchase experience. Pickrr Connect has been at the forefront of providing updates on the order journey. However, the need to engage with the customers before shipping has led Pickrr to evolve its state-of-the-art value-added service further. Consequently, order confirmation and address verification features are added to the product. 

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What does Order Confirmation Mean?

Order confirmation is a message sent to the customer to ensure that the products are in accordance with the shoppers expectations and can be shipped.

Does Order confirmation Mean Payment was Accepted?

Yes. An order confirmation message is only triggered when the payment is successfully made by the customers.

Why is it Important to Confirm Orders?

Order confirmation ensures that the customers will be receiving the products that were selected by them. Additionally, it helps the brands to reduce chances of RTO due to wrong products delivered to the customers.

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