How to Manage Order Returns this Rakhi

Handling return orders can be challenging for sellers as it requires additional effort to bring the product back to the origin and adds extra shipping costs. No sellers wish to manage return orders, but at the same time, they cannot deny that returns are a part of eCommerce. However, with the right strategies, sellers can avoid return shipments and manage them effectively. 

Understand the major reasons for return orders and how to avoid them. Also, know some valuable tips for handling return orders for an eCommerce business.

Top Reasons for Order Returns

According to a recent survey report of online shoppers worldwide by Statista, the main reason for online purchase returns was faulty or damaged goods or products that do not match the one selected by the buyer.

Here are some other common reasons for return orders:

  • The product does not match the one selected from the online store. 
  • The quality of the product does not meet the desired standard 
  • The item received is damaged
  • Delay in shipment
  • Wrong delivery address 

While not all the reasons mentioned above for return orders can be avoided all the time, the right implementation of shipping strategies can reduce RTO by upto 50%.

When to Accept Order Returns?

The return orders must be accepted under certain circumstances. Accepting return order requests help you gain customers’ trust by making them feel like the most valuable customers.   As a seller, you also have the right to reject return orders the buyer claims. 

Know when should accept the return orders without any delay: 

  • The item is damaged or defective 
  • The product quality does not match the customers’ expectations
  • The customer receives a different product 

In case the above criteria are fulfilled, a return request must be accepted if:

  • The return request is claimed within a defined timeline. Usually, it is within 2-3 days of delivery. Any request which is sent after the defined timeline should not be considered
  • Items that are used or do match the original shipped product should not be considered for returns
  • The item must be returned with the bill and the right packaging

How to Handle Return Orders?  

There are two possibilities in case you receive a shipment returns request: 

  • You can resend a new product similar to the one purchased by the customer if it is available in the stock 
  • You can refund the total amount if there is no option to resend or replace the product and if the customer needs the same product 
 Return Orders

How to Minimize Return Shipment?

With the right implementation of strategies and procedures explained here, you can avoid return orders and save costs on reverse shipment.    

Product Quality and Packaging 

While delivering items, especially the ones delivered on special occasions like rakhi, the quality of the product and its packaging cannot be compromised. It is a good practice to conduct a quality check of all products to confirm that it is defective. Similarly, the packaging must be good enough to avoid damage during shipping. 

On-time Delivery Processing

Apart from the quality of the product, another major reason for return shipment is a delay in delivery. If there is a shipment delay, the customer no longer requires the product. Especially, items such as rakhi must be delivered to customers on time to avoid cancellation. 

On-time shipment is possible only when the pickup and shipment from the origin are made on time. A reliable shipping service provider can only help you with the fast shipping process and on-time delivery of products to end customers.   

Return Policy 

It is essential to define return policy when fulfilling orders. When defining a return policy,must consider the following important points:

  • Set return quality check procedure to ensure that the product is not used by buyers or damage occurred due to their negligence
  • Define clearly the list of products for which a return order is not acceptable
  • Mention the timeline to request return orders 
  • Define the terms and conditions of the return shipment clearly 
  • Understand local regulations before defining return shipment 

Customers’ Feedback 

A shipper must positively take its customers’ reviews and feedback to improve its services. It is also an important strategy to reduce return orders. Feedback can be used to understand why customers return orders. Concerns of customers must be addressed immediately to gain their trust for future purchasing.

Order Prediction

Shipping services providers offer advanced technology-driven solutions to predict return orders before a product is out for delivery. Return orders are predicted by analyzing various parameters like wrong address, delivery location, serviceability, customers’ buying patterns, and more.  


Return shipping is challenging. Hence, you must be clear with the rules and policies and how to manage them efficiently. Follow standard procedures to make return shipping transparent and easy. The above guidelines can help minimize return orders and maximize profit for your business. 

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