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Lost and Damaged Products: How Brands can Avoid Losses

Damaged products are one of the most alarming reasons for online businesses’ customer dissatisfaction. Usually, in a physical store, the shoppers can spot the damaged products and may opt not to make the purchase. However, when it comes to online businesses, the physical inspection of the products is impossible. Under such circumstances, the end customer might receive a damaged product. As a result, the company’s reputation gets impacted, and it might lose several customers.

Moreover, the businesses must undertake various factors that may eventually result in loss. Lost and damaged products are a major factor that consequently turns out to be a loss as the customer needs its product in good quality and will not accept a damaged product. So the business owners have to compensate the customer from their pockets. 

Since damaged products can cause massive damage to the overall profit, businesses must understand how they can lower the risk of loss due to these damages. 

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5 Tips to Reduce the Losses Due to Damage Products

reduce damaged products loss

Below are the following protective measures that can help businesses to reduce their losses due to damaged products:

Adequate Packaging Practices

Adopting the best packaging practices is the stepping stone to preventing losses due to damaged products for online businesses. The companies must consider that packaging costs are a minimal percentage of overall supply chain expenses. Therefore precise packaging practices will reduce the total overhead cost for the organizations. It is imperative that businesses use packaging materials that are strong, waterproof, leakproof, and can resist harsh bumps while in transit. Using optimal packaging materials, brands can substantially reduce the risk of damaged products.

Associate with Efficient 3PL Logistics Partners

Outsourcing the logistics management to a 3PL company will improve efficiency, reduce the number of lost and damaged products during transportation. As a result, online businesses can focus on the core of their operations, and finally contribute to getting a higher service level and Return on Investment (ROI).

Businesses must consider not only the goods transport cost but also its safety and increase the packaging strength when considering Less than Truckload shipments (LTL), in which more manipulation occurs. This, as a result, will help the organizations to mitigate the loss due to damaged goods.

Implement Best Palletizing Practices

Proper palletizing techniques and tools are yet another measure that can help businesses reduce the risk of loss due to damaged products. It is advisable to standardize the dimensions of recurring products and pair them with the correct pallet size. As a result, this will help businesses reduce the chances of products getting out of the pallet borders or empty spaces between packages. Moreover, checks and rotation of the pallets in regular intervals are also essential to maintain the stock of usable pallets. Stakeholders must ensure that heavy and bulky are put in place using appropriate strapping solutions.

Secure the Shipment with Appropriate Safeguard

The seller business is the entity that bears the maximum loss due to damaged products. Anytime a product is damaged, the additional cost is compensated from the business owner’s pockets. It is suggested that businesses invest in securing their shipments using an appropriate safeguard. However, while securing the shipment, the organizations must read claim guidelines so that the amount can be seamlessly claimed in case of any mishap.

Improve the Loading Practices

Loading the shipment in the transport vehicle is one crucial area that needs to be monitored efficiently. This is because maximum damaged products are the result of improper loading on the vehicle. It is essential for businesses to implement a supervised loading procedure, including proper matting of the edges and the corners of the container so that products can be safely loaded in vehicles and dispatched for delivery.

The New Safeguard for Secure Shipment

Pickrr introduces Secure Shipment to help secure the shipments from damages and loss. The feature is available for forward orders above Rs 5000 and covers the damages due to natural and artificial disasters. Secure Shipment allows businesses to claim losses in riots, strikes, and thefts. 

The new secure shipment feature offered by Pickrr allows the business to reduce losses while ensuring the claims are easy to create and approve.

Who Can Opt Secure Shipment for Their Products?

Secure Shipment is available to all the sellers who are willing to ship their products from the origin to the end customers. However, the service can only be availed for the shipment whose invoice value is either Rs 5000 and above and for only forward shipment orders.


Damaged products have become a significant concern for businesses as they cost a large amount of money. There are multiple practices an organization can adopt which can help them reduce the risk of loss due to damaged products. Moreover, Pickrr Secure Shipment provides an additional advantage to businesses by securing bulk shipment and reducing the loss quotient to as low as possible. 

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