Logistics Management System

Importance of Logistics Management System in eCommerce

The changing global business dynamics compelled businesses to invest in innovative solutions to deliver valuable services to customers. The significance of logistics in eCommerce is quite apparent. Successful logistics management requires the coordination of different operations and the team’s collaboration. This is possible by implementing automated solutions like a logistics management system. 

A statista report reveals that the global logistics automation market was sized at 39.29 billion U.S. dollars in 2018 and it is expected to reach over 121.3 billion U.S. dollars by 2027. 

The benefits of using a logistic management system are tremendous, so most companies consider implementing it to achieve maximum results. Read on to know how logistic management systems and their benefits.

What is a Logistics Management System?

Logistics Management System is a well-designed logistics software that helps businesses manage various logistics processes, from the movement of raw materials for production to shipping the final product to customers. Logistics software has replaced the conventional method of paperwork and manual tasks to manage different operations. Its use allows companies to handle logistics effortlessly.   

Logistics Management System

A reliable logistics management system can streamline logistical operations and help businesses and service providers deal with the logistical issues effectively.

Third-party logistics companies provide logistic management systems that are in-built with advanced technologies. Most businesses prefer taking advantage of logistics systems from 3PL service providers, as it minimizes their time and effort in managing everything in-house. Moreover, the 3PL companies offer customized solutions with a logistics management system that can be accessed according to one’s business requirements. 

Features of Logistics Management System

With time, the scope and functionalities of logistics systems have broadened to meet the changing requirements of businesses. Let us find out some important in-built features of the logistics management system that enhances the efficiency of logistics management:

Logistics Management System

Order Management: The order management feature is required to handle high-volume orders on a daily basis. The order management software handles everything from order receiving, storage, and shipping to delivery and minimizes manual efforts. The logistics management system must be integrated with this feature to monitor, and track orders at all points, be it manufacturing unit, inventory space, transit hubs, or delivery location. 

Inventory Control: Optimizing inventory use is essential for any business to manage the overall logistics costs. Appropriate implementation of inventory control reduces inventory costs by minimizing the lost, misplaced, or damaged products. The inventory management system comprises a set of devices and tools that are used with QR codes to tag, track and identify packages. Certain logistics software is used to track the real-time inventory position. 

Warehouse Management: A systematic warehouse management system is required to handle multiple operations of logistics like the hassle-free movement of products, cost management, invoice generation, order tracking as well as return order management. Businesses must implement a warehouse management system to enhance the delivery speed and customer experience.   

Real-time Order Tracking: Order tracking in real-time is one of the key factors in gaining customers’ trust who purchase products online. The order tracking tools are used to fetch the status of orders and for instant communication. Hence, an order tracking tool is a must-have feature in logistic management systems. 

Channel Integration: The logistics management system must use the easy channel integration option. It allows businesses to sync the online orders or eCommerce platform with the logistics software. This feature gives a seamless experience to users for managing the orders and their delivery to customers.

Order Predictions: Technologies like data analytics and AI are implemented to forecast orders. These tools fetch data based on customers’ order history and buying behavior and generate useful insights. The information collected is used by businesses to make decisions.  

Benefits of Logistics Management System 

As we head towards a world of digitization, it is significant for businesses to implement logistics software and tools that can give them maximum output. One cannot do best to manage logistics operations in eCommerce without a logistics management system.  

Here is how the logistics management system is making the eCommerce process easy for businesses:

Automates Operations

Automation in logistics is a boon for eCommerce. Operations like storage and monitoring of packages at the inventory, route management, loading, scanning, order tracking etc. require the use of technology which is possible by using an all-in-one logistic management system. The logistics management system has multiple features that streamline various operations and enable hassle-free delivery.   

Reduces Human Error 

Another major benefit of using the logistics management system is reduced human error. Logistics involves multiple operations and is complex. Keeping records and handling all operations is time-consuming, and there are high chances of errors and mishandling of processes. Automated solutions ensure timely execution of operations.  

Improvises Planning and Process Execution 

The logistics management system gives useful insights that are used to make predictions. Say, the tools can be used to predict a delay in shipment, RTO, cost of shipment, right courier partner, and more. Businesses can make informed decisions and save on effort and cost using the information. 

Reduces Cost 

Investing in a logistics management system is a wise decision for the seller. The logistics software helps them to compare logistics costs, provides them with the cheapest options for shipment, and optimizes transportation routes, packaging, and more. It helps in an overall reduction of the logistics cost.

Enhances Customer Experience

A logistic management system improves the delivery speed by streamlining various processes in logistics. The warehouse management feature of logistics helps sellers store and manage products at the location nearest to customers. This enables same-day delivery or next-day delivery. By offering fast delivery, businesses can boost customers’ satisfaction, thereby creating a base of loyal customers. 

Pickrr’s SaaS Logistics Solutions

The tech logistics company provides all-in-one logistics software solutions to help eCommerce sellers meet their logistics needs. Know what all services are offered by Pickrr:

Easy Channel Integration

Integrate the online store with Pickrr’s dashboard to sync orders. Compare shipping rates and connect with multiple courier partners. 

Logistics Solutions

Order Management System 

Through Pickrr’s OMS inventory availability, price, weight, and TAT is checked and the order is routed to Pickrr.  

Branded Tracking Page

Pickrr’s branded tracking page option is available on Pickrr’s dashboard. This feature can be used to provide a customized tracking experience to customers. The sellers can generate substantial revenue by offering a distinct post-purchase experience. 

Order Predictions

Pickrr Predict feature predicts the risk percentage of each order by analyzing 40+ parameters like customers’ historical purchases, source address, delivery address, courier performance, store’s RTO history and more. The tools showcase highly risky orders along with reasons for RTO chances. This enables sellers to make informed decisions like whether to ship a product or not.

Sign up with Pickrr to check other features of the dashboard.   


Logistics is critical for any business. We recommend that companies choose the most reliable logistics management system to manage order fulfillment efficiently. They must analyze features, costs, and the value that they can add to their business while choosing the service. The logistics management system makes shipping easy and plays a significant role in enhancing customers’ experience and generating more revenue for the company.

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