How To Increase Your Amazon Sales?

Amazon’s marketplace is becoming increasingly competitive. As a result, acquiring a piece of the pie becomes more challenging as the competition grows.

So, with the competition heating up by the day, how can you boost your Amazon sales and take your company to the next level?

The good news is that, despite increased competition, the share of sales accessible to Amazon marketplace vendors is growing. As a result, Amazon’s income and the percentage of sales from third-party vendors are overgrowing.

It’s easier than you might believe in Amazon sales increase. It’s all about identifying possibilities to improve your product listings, gain more customers, and gradually overtake novice or lazy vendors.

Tips to Increase Amazon Sales in 2022

Your improved Amazon sales, no matter how good they are, can always be better. As a result, here are 10 concrete tactics to boost Amazon sales in 2022.

1. Use the most effective SEO keywords

Making an Amazon sales strategy requires more than just the right things at the right price. Sellers also need page visibility and traffic; otherwise, shoppers would be unaware of how good their discounts are.

It would be best if you first determine the ideal SEO keywords for each of your products before focusing on new marketing and PPC campaigns (which we discuss below). SEO keywords are essential for having your products seen in the relevant search queries and directly impact the success of your marketing activities.

You can utilize a paid SEO tool to uncover what your target customers are looking for to locate the most important SEO keywords. Otherwise, you can enter potential keywords directly into Amazon’s search bar and see what comes up in the results.

Remember that selecting the ideal SEO keywords isn’t just about popularity; it’s also about competitiveness. You’ll want to strike a balance between high-volume searches and low-volume competition.

2. Camera to Improve Product Photos

Improve Product Photos

Top-quality photographs are one of the easiest methods to attract a buyer’s attention. The nicest part is that you don’t have to be an expert or commit a lot of time to it. To enter the look-at-me level of photography, all you have to do is follow a few simple principles:

  • Should use as much natural light as possible. Closer to the window offers softer light with darker, softer shadows, while further away means more uniform light with brighter but sharper shades.
  • Set your white balance to auto and avoid using flash.
  • Use a tripod to reduce camera shaking if you’re shooting with a smartphone.
  • Use a light-neutral or white backdrop. For example, draping a white fabric over a chair produces a smooth background that complements the product rather than competing.
  • Take many shots of the product.
  • Consider putting your product in real-life scenarios so that customers can see how to use it.

3. Enhance your PPC campaigns

While investing in offline marketing is a fantastic idea, don’t forget about Amazon advertising. Amazon PPC ads are still one of the most effective strategies to boost Amazon sales strategy by driving traffic to your product pages.

As previously said, the performance of your PPC ads is primarily determined by the SEO keywords you target. Therefore, structure your campaigns around keywords with low competition and low bidding to stretch your ad budget to its utmost.

Amazon PPC ads are also a terrific method to get new products quickly. Because Amazon’s search algorithms include a product’s sales success, providing a new product a marketing amazon boost from the start enhances its visibility in the future.

4. Investigate new items

At its most basic level, the things you select to sell on Amazon can define your success before you ever launch. So rather than rushing in with a new product, do some product research to locate the greatest products for you to market.

Product research includes looking at sales patterns and getting to know your target customers. To assess if you can justify a good markup, you must also consider sourcing expenses and market prices.

5. Include a video of the product

Product photography is limited because it can only depict the product from a single static angle. Video, on the other hand, allows you to see the product in action, which has several advantages:

  • Displaying the product from various perspectives
  • Demonstrating how the product is utilized to respond to shopper inquiries
  • Highlighting aspects of the development that static photos can’t

The more a customer sees a product in action, the more inclined to buy it. Product videos can help reduce returns because shoppers are less likely to be disappointed when their order comes if they see how it works first.

6. Product titles and descriptions should be improved

 Product titles and descriptions

The product title and descriptive text are SEO’s two most significant product page elements. Make sure to include the ideal keywords for a certain product in both of these places once you’ve done your research.

To enhance the impact of your keywords, place them at the beginning of your product title. However, be careful not to stuff too many keywords into your title—use only the most important phrases in the title and reserve the secondary keywords for your product description paragraphs.

7. Concentrate on a single market

Our next point applies to all forms of shopping, not just Amazon. Because online selling is such a competitive sector, focusing on a specific niche or demographic will simplify establishing a foothold.

Build your brand on a specific customer segment, preferably an underserved one. By reducing your emphasis and focusing on a specific group, you effectively avoid competition. With so many huge companies concentrating on general merchandise, smaller brands can still succeed by appealing to people with unmet needs.

It’s better to pick a niche you’re familiar with or belong to because you’ll know the group’s preferences and pain points by heart.

8. Protect Yourself From Competitors

Protect Yourself From Competitors

SKUs are essential for selling on Amazon, but they aren’t always necessary for marketing. For example, avoid utilizing SKUs when creating custom labels for tiering products by cost because they can act as a flag for competitors to discover and undercut you.

9. Repricer helps you automate product pricing

What happens when you reprice your inventory manually? Your competitors that employ repricers are eating into your Amazon sales increase since their products are being mass-repriced while you’re just getting started.

Unless you’re selling in small quantities with little competition, an automated price is a way to go.

10. Utilize A+ content

A+ content was previously known as Enhanced Brand Content (EBC). While the name has changed, most perks haven’t: sellers can utilize a more excellent range of content alternatives to promote their products than regular vendors. 

Examples are image carousels, distinctive page layouts, comparison charts, and links to additional products.

You must first register with the Amazon Brand Registry to activate A+ content. Once recognized, you’ll have access to new tools and options that other sellers don’t, providing you with a competitive advantage.


Choosing products, optimizing prices, managing marketing campaigns, budgeting advertising, writing content, analyzing SEO, and more are all part of selling on Amazon.

Learning the ropes can be frustrating for new business owners. Attending some of the Amazon seller conferences is something that was not addressed but could be beneficial.

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