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How to Manage Lost Package?

When a package is sent to a terminus, it is expected to reach on time without any issue. Most parcels arrive at their destinations on time, but several packages are left in transit or get lost during transit. 

Customers often get annoyed when their packages are lost or do not reach them on time and take to social media to put out their aggression and complaints. Unfortunately, when regular and potential customers see these posts on social media, it negatively affects the brand. 

When a customer’s package is lost, the retailer or the eCommerce business has to deal with the business loss and take accountability for the missing package. 

This blog helps eCommerce retailers track and find a lost package with every assistance available. With Pickrr, you can manage all your shipment and tracking issues with our all-in-one dashboard that provides complete visibility of the orders received, sent, or even lost during transit. 

Reasons for a Lost Package or Damaged Package

There are multiple reasons for the missing package during transit or before reaching its destination. Here are a few of them:

Incomplete/Wrong Address

There might be a possibility that the customer has written the wrong address during checkout, or you, as a seller, might have mentioned an incorrect one to the courier company. A wrong address can either direct your package to some other place, or it can get lost during transit.

Pickrr through its automated shipping notifications tool, Pickrr Connect makes sure all the addresses of the orders are mentioned correctly and there is no mistake. In addition, our automated labeling ensures labels get printed on the respective packages with correct details.

Weather Circumstances

Bad weather or natural disasters like heavy rain or storms can cause delays or lost couriers for shipments to reach their destinations. In such circumstances, many courier companies provide insurance for lost packages.

Unknown Reasons

Even if all the factors and processes are taken care of such as the address and other details of your shipment, there is no way you can stop the loss of a package if there is a lag somewhere. All you can do is raise a refund request and claim for a missing package in case of a missing package.

How can Lost Packages be Handled?

Lost Packages

You can follow specific steps to handle the situation if your product is lost or stolen. 

Confirm if your package is lost

If a package has been lost on the way to the destination and you do not get any message, it is officially considered lost. You can wait for seven days after the expected delivery date before filing a complaint or claiming a refund.

The reason for a lost shipment is either the wrong address or lousy weather. However, there are times when a tracking number shows a package has been ‘delivered’ and still the customer files a complaint regarding the loss.

File a complaint

The tracking details on your shipment are usually accurate and rarely allow packages to get lost. But, in case the shipping label comes off, or the box is torn and the contents spread, you’ll have no other choice but to file lost package claims with the carrier.

Claim insurance

If your customer’s package is lost, he will expect a refund or a return as soon as possible. However, if the shipping company cannot locate the package, you will need to file an insurance claim to cover the combined insured value of the lost packages. This mandates the tracking number, proof of the item’s price, and insurance proof.

Once the refund claim is filed and investigated, you will get your money via the credit card or cheque or your original mode of payment.

Tips You Can Use to Make Your Lost Courier Situation Easy

You should already be aware that if your package is missing, you should register a claim, provide all necessary paperwork, and wait for the courier company’s reply. However, a few additional suggestions may assist you in resolving the issue.

1. Always submit a claim as soon as the time frame permits. For example, it is 24 hours after the scheduled delivery time for most carriers.

2. If a carrier reports that the package was delivered, they will not look into the matter, and your shipment will not be returned. In that situation, you must contact the recipient and request that they make a claim or provide evidence, such as a camera recording. You can file claims and try to address the problem together with your customer.

3. Always collect evidence of your packages, such as the value, the addresses, the date the product was shipped, and any other documentation you can collect, to make the entire procedure easier and faster. When making a claim, you will almost always be required to provide certain documentation to the carriers.

4. If your packages are valuable, insure them. You can simply get your money back if you use this method in case of lost packages.

How does Pickrr Help in Handling Lost Packages?

Lost Packages

If your package is damaged or lost before getting delivered, and you need to return the same, you can get in touch with the fulfillment experts at Pickrr and our team will assist you.

While most businesses take accountability for calamities and provide return services at a specific charge, Pickrr provides this service at a minimal cost.

With Pickrr’s Branded Tracking page, you can always check the current status of your package. In case you are not satisfied with this, you can use Pickrr’s real-time notifications tool, Pickrr Connect to connect with your customers and confirm the package details such as an address, phone number, etc. Pickrr’s advanced solutions significantly reduce the chance of your package being lost.


Despite the burgeoning logistics industry, online sellers and buyers are frequently helpless when it comes to lost or damaged packages. It can be aggravating to go through such a situation.

Efficient tracking of your cargo is vital to avoid losing it. Sign up on Pickrr’s dashboard and leverage smart tracking features for your packages.

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