Full Truckload or Less than Truckload Shipping. Which is the Right Choice for your Business?

The B2B industry is undergoing a rapid transformation. Be it communication, services, and support or order delivery, each operation is undergoing a change to meet the dynamic requirements of businesses and clients.  

B2B businesses who wish to flourish must adapt to the latest technologies and choose reliable services to meet the changing requirements and offer the best services to clients. When it comes to order delivery, transportation services play an important role in ensuring that the products reach their destination efficiently and on time. 

Every business has different shipping requirements. . It can be the movement of goods from source to destination , transportation between warehouses or from the warehouse to customers. Any shipment before it reaches the end customers comes under the category of B2B shipping. The two common transportation methods for B2B shipment are full truckload (FTL) and less than truckload (LTL). 

What is Full Truck Load (FTL) Shipping? 

In the case of full truckload shipping, the truck moves from origin to destination without any intermediate.

Usually, a business chooses a full truck load method for the shipment of goods if it wishes to use the entire space of the truck to transport goods from one location to another. It is the best shipping method for businesses that require more space and additional conditions for the transportation of goods.  

FTL shipment also ensures that the goods do not get exchanged, and at the same time, it gives businesses complete control of freight transportation.

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Benefits of Full Truck Load Shipping 

Full truck load shipping has several advantages over any other mode of B2B shipment such as FTL. Know why businesses must consider implementing full truck shipment:

  • Shipment in bulk: FTL is a useful shipment service for large shipments. It allows businesses to use the entire space to carry goods for their business and take complete control of the transportation.   
  • Safe Shipment: FTL is a safe method of transportation of goods via road, especially for fragile items. Once a truck is loaded, it reaches its destination without stopping. Less handling of loads means fewer chances of damage to goods.   
  • Faster Delivery: In the case of FTL, the truck moves directly from source to destination without waiting at the intermediate stops to pick any other parcels.. Hence, FTL is a relatively fast mode of transportation. Transit is efficient as there isn’t any stop that can affect the delivery time.
  • No weight and size restriction: FTL transportation can carry larger weights and different size of packets. However, the number of products that can be shipped on a given truck depends on the shape, size, and weight of the product and the dimension of the trailer. The length of the shipment depends on the truck being used. 
  • Efficient transportation: FTL is one of the most efficient modes of transportation for large shipments. Improved transportation systems lead to better delivery performance. FTL is commonly used for the transportation of fragile and perishable items, as refrigerated and adaptable vehicles are available to set up ideal shipping conditions for different types of goods. 
  • Cost of transportation: LTL and FTL shipping rates vary quite significantly. FLT is one of the most optimal cost solutions for large shipments. 

What is Less than Truckload (LTL) Shipping?

Less than truckload is a B2B shipment method preferred for carrying loads that are not large enough. Usually, orders from multiple businesses are consolidated in a single truck i,.e the transportation service is shared. 

As the truck carries a load of multiple businesses, there are hubs where the truck halts and goods are unloaded before it reaches the last destination. Delivery speed in the case of LTL shipping depends on the number of shipments through one truckload. The cost of shipment may be low compared to FTL as shipping costs are distributed among businesses.

Benefits of Less than Truckload Shipping

Know the benefits of using LTL shipment service for B2B order fulfillment: 

  • Useful for Small Shipments: LTL shipping is a good  B2B shipping method for transportation of smaller loads across the country. The truck capacity is utilized efficiently by carrying multiple small orders. 
  • Cost effective: Businesses having low volume orders can choose to share truck load space, thus minimizing cost for a single shipment.
  • Eco-friendly shipment method: A single vehicle carrying multiple small shipments is an eco-friendly method of transportation. It lowers the amount of fuel used for transportation. The resources are used upto its full capacity, thus improving the efficiency of transportation. 

Businesses must consider sharing truck load space for small orders to encourage sustainable business and shipment. 

Full Truckload (FTL) vs Less than Truckload (LTL) Shipping 

Know how full truckload shipping is different from less than truckload shipping.

An entire truck or fleet of trucks to transport goods via road for a shipment for a single business.Truckload space is shared between different parties. 
Goods are loaded and distributed to longer distances Truck is unloaded at multiple intermediate locations.
Fast and steady means of shipping.Multiple halts, hence shipping service is relatively slow.
As the whole order is transported by a single truck, the delivery speed is improved and efficient.Shipping can take a longer time
Commonly used for the transportation of fragile and perishable items, as refrigerated trucks and temperature-controlled vehicles are used for the shipment of goods for a dedicated businessDual-zone climate control vehicles are also available in the case of LTL shipping.


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