How Pickrr Fixes Shipping Delays?

Shipping delays are a frustrating experience for both sellers and customers. It is one of the top reasons that affect a brand’s reputation. While the problem is real, one can also not deny that the shipping process is complex. Multiple operations need to be streamlined to successfully deliver a product. An error in any one of the operations can impact the entire supply chain, hence causing a delay in shipment.

While not all the reasons for shipping delays can be avoided, businesses can plan well to avoid the situation. In case a shipping delay occurs, they can make informed decisions based on the situation.

Here we have tried to cover the main reasons for the delay in shipment. Also, readers can find out how Pickrr helps in avoiding and fixing shipping delays.

Top Reasons for Shipment Delays

Reasons for shipping delays can be many. Some may be genuine on which there is no control while others need to be acknowledged to avoid delays.

Find out the top reasons why shipment gets delayed and how it can be handled well by companies:

Unprecedented Events

Transportation is the core operation in product shipment from one place to another. Various modes of transportation are used for product shipments via airways, railways, or roadways.

Sometimes, there is a delay in the goods movement due to unprecedented situations. This includes heavy rainfall, cyclones, strikes, riots, etc. The way to move goods is blocked in either of these situations.

There is no way to fix shipment delays due to the unpredictable situation. However, in case any of these conditions occur, sellers can notify customers about the delay of the shipment on time. They can send the expected date of delivery due to the delay.

Incorrect Address

Oftentimes, the shipment gets delayed in case the customer adds a wrong, incomplete or misspelled address.

The delivery person may not have the correct information to deliver the package. Hence it becomes increasingly important to verify the address mentioned by the customer.

In case the package is out for delivery with the wrong address information, the customer can be contacted to confirm the shipping address to avoid order delay or cancellation.

Supply Chain Mismanagement

There is a high volume of orders that need to be shipped and managed by courier companies on a daily basis. Sometimes there is a delay in shipment due to constraints in the supply due to a lack of enough resources to manage orders in bulk.

The order volume is high during sales, festivals, or special occasions.

Order delays can also happen in last-mile deliveries due to a lack of enough workforce or vehicles in service.

Service providers must be prepared to handle large order volumes. Customers ultimately look for packages on time and they often fail to acknowledge delays in shipment due to problems within the system.

How Pickrr Helps Businesses to Avoid Shipping Delays?

Pickrr, a SaaS-based logistics company aims to provide the best shipping experience to eCommerce sellers and their customers.

The company recognizes the frustration the businesses and customers face in case there is a delay in shipment. For this reason, we have come up with various solutions that help avoid and fix shipping delays and offer the best possible service to sellers.

Know in detail how Pickrr fixes shipping delays:

Connect with Right Shipping Partner

Pickrr helps businesses to connect with reliable shipping partners. Working with highly experienced partners in order shipment and the ones who are committed to their work helps in the on-time delivery of products.

Pickrr has multiple courier partners on board. The sellers are connected with the right courier partners based on their shipping preferences.

Connecting with a transparent and reliable partner assures on-time delivery and quick resolution in case there is any delay in shipment due to unpredictable situations.

Real-time Order Tracking

Pickrr’s order tracking tools enable sellers and customers to get tracking information of packages in real-time. Getting updated information gives them assurance that the product’s transit is appropriate.

However, if there is any delay in the transit, the team at Pickrr connects with the concerned person to resolve the issue. Quick resolution ensures that neither the sellers nor the customer face any inconvenience.

Communication with Customer 

As soon as an order is out for delivery, the seller can send customized messages of the order journey to customers via email, WhatsApp, or SMS using Pickrr Connect

The service can also be used for communication if a product is getting delayed. 

While all efforts are made to ensure that the product reaches the customers on time, the delay can happen due to any unprecedented situation.

In case there is any delay in the order shipment, Pickrr connects directly with the customer and explains the reason for shipment delays. After understanding the situation, an apt solution for the problem is created. The estimated date of product delivery is sent to customers. 

Regular communication helps customers feel valued. Also, the problem within the order shipment gets resolved faster by understanding the reason for the delay in shipment. 

handle shipment delay

Predict Order Delays

Often there is a delay in order shipping due to a wrong or incomplete address. To ensure that there are no shipping delays due to wrong or incomplete addresses, Pickrr offers a solution Pickrr Predict.

Using the Pickrr Predict tool, the sellers can determine incorrect addresses based on previous records. They can also shortlist addresses that are non-serviceable. 

Before it is too late, the sellers can connect with customers to confirm the address and avoid delays in the order shipment. 

Access Warehouse Fulfillment Solutions

Keeping stock of items at a location closest to customers is the best strategy to avoid shipment delays. The minimum is the distance between the pickup point and delivery point, the lesser are the chances of delay in the order shipment.

Pickrr offers pan-India fulfillment solutions. A seller who wishes to maintain inventory across cities in India can take advantage of Pickrr Plus Fulfillment solutions.

Keeping products at multiple locations helps sellers offer the fastest delivery to the maximum of their customers.

Pickrr makes sure that the packages are in the hands of the right staff and the product reaches the customers on or before time.

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Shipping delays can negatively impact an eCommerce business. Thus, businesses must choose the right service and take the help of eCommerce automated solutions to reduce shipping delays.  

Sign up with Pickrr to access smart shipping solutions and minimize shipping delays for your business. Access services of Pickrr Predict, Pickrr Connect, Pickrr Plus, and other customized services to streamline your order delivery.

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