How Fast Deliveries Help Brands to Grow Their Business?

In the d2c business, delivery is one of the most important things to get right. Customers’ expectations have shifted drastically, with most expecting a dependable and fast delivery service. Therefore, paying attention to the delivery process is essential if a brand wants to improve its customer experience and grow its business.

Goods used to be delivered in 7-10 working days, with very few options available to clients. However, as technology has advanced, same-day and next-day delivery are more in seller demand, especially during the festive season.

Next-day and same-day delivery are no longer optional; they are expected. As a result, if the company does not offer a variety of delivery options, it may lose a lot of potential clients.

But why do brands need fast deliveries in the first place?

Businesses today face certain challenges in delivering products to their customers via traditional delivery processes during the festive season. Let’s have a look at these challenges in the details below. 

Challenges Faced By d2c Brands During Festive Season

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Running an eCommerce business is not as simple as consumers believe. It brings its own set of issues that can directly impact the business operations, generate losses, and affects the brand’s reputation.  Some of the challenges are

Festive Rush

As the festive season approaches, and every brand has to deal with bulk orders as the customers are willing to make more purchases due to the extra shopping d2c brands’ order volume. But the business could not complete the order on time, resulting in the cancellation of orders and losing customers.

Delayed Pickups

During the festive season, not just the brand but the courier companies or delivery partners are overburdened and are unable to reach the pickup location on time; consequently, the pickups are delayed, which further results in delayed deliveries. 

NDR Conversions 

The term “non-delivery report” is very common in logistics and shipping. Orders that weren’t delivered are listed, together with the reason why they weren’t delivered. Since the festive rush has started, the NDR will increase, as the customers are either unavailable, the delivery has been refused, and many other reasons. 

NDR (Non-Delivery Report) happens for several reasons like incorrect address, error in contact details, delivery rescheduled by the customer, fake delivery attempt, and many more. 


Because most fast deliveries during the holiday season are time-sensitive, there is a considerable possibility of increased return orders and non-delivery.

As a result, d2c companies must be prepared to face these issues of non-delivery and act quickly to minimize future delays. Businesses can avoid returns by storing products closer to customers and providing regular tracking updates through emails, SMS, and customized tracking pages.

What Is Same Day Delivery?

Same-day delivery is an expression of a shipping method in which the brands can deliver the product to the customers within 24 hours of the order placement. 

What Is Next Day Delivery?

In next-day delivery, the item is delivered the next day after the order is placed. This delivery method is typically used for items that do not require same day delivery. However, it is frequently a more cost-effective option for individuals who still want the convenience of speedy delivery. 

Why Are Same Day Delivery & Next Day Delivery Good For D2C Brands?

There are numerous reasons a company might want to offer same day delivery and next day delivery. Here are just a few advantages:

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Because same day delivery allows customers to receive their products faster than other shipping alternatives, it can increase consumer happiness, especially during the festive season. As it is said, a happy customer is a satisfied client.

Increased Sales

Customers are more likely to purchase things from online stores that they will deliver promptly. Not only will they make the current purchase but also come back for more shopping

Increased Order Revenue

Customers are frequently prepared to buy more products knowing they will receive them within 24 hours. This happens more when the festive season comes, and customers need their product either on the same day or the next day. Due to this, the d2c brands make changes in delivery and help customers’ shopping experience enhance. 

How Pickrr Helps Grow Business During The Festive Season?

Partnering with a third-party logistics (3PL) player like Pickrr has various benefits, including time and money savings. Furthermore, 3PL companies have a wide infrastructure, technology, and resource network that can adjust to your shifting demands during busy and slow seasons.

To help the brands leverage the maximum advantage of the festive season, Pickrr offers state-of-the-art same day and next day delivery services. The fast delivery services offered by Pickrr ensure the brand can deliver the order within 24 hours across all the metro cities. The 3PL company also delivers products in various cities such as Jaipur, Chandigarh, and Surat under its fast delivery services.

Because of the fast deliveries in many places, D2C brands deliver their online orders the same day they get them. As a result, d2c businesses may improve user experiences and develop brand loyalty by offering these services.


The future of the d2c market is about great client relationships developed because of the fast deliveries. As the festive season hits in India, the customer wants to get their products delivered either on the same day or the next day. With Pickrr’s SDD/NDD services, brands can provide a better post-purchase experience to the clients, encouraging them to make repeated sales from their online store. Willing to start fast deliveries for the D2C business? Connect with us to know how brands can leverage same day and next day delivery services for their business.

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