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Top eCommerce Support Services to Boost your Business

Choosing the right eCommerce support services can help boost your business and put your company in the top league. According to Statista, 29% of startups fail because they run out of funds. With the rapid emergence of eCommerce active businesses in India today, optimizing funds and investing in the right eCommerce support services becomes more pertinent.

Find seven eCommerce support services that can boost a business and give them an edge over the competition. 

Cart Abandonment Recovery Services

According to a finding (from a study of the shopping habits of 1,000 online consumers in India) by technology firm SAP, 56% of customers abandon their carts after loading. The report also says that 32% of these customers forget their coaches altogether.

Imagine losing out on consumers who had the intent to buy, took all efforts to select products but forgot to place an order. A simple but efficient eCommerce support service can help you fix this issue.

  • Cart abandonment services help check all the carts that have been filled and abandoned. 
  • They track the consumers and send automated email reminders to proceed with the items in their cart.
  • The remaining mail is accompanied by a time-bound offer or deal they can avail of by making an instant purchase. 
  • Some services provide a unique link to the user that takes them to the page where they left off.


According to the 2012 Global Customer Service Barometer, a research report for American Express shows that 64% of Indians lose their temper with customer service, compared to the global average of 48%. This could pose a severe challenge to the players entering the eCommerce market.

What could help boost up your business are helpdesk services that spread out the heavy influx of queries evenly and mark them according to their nature. Essential things that helpdesk eCommerce support service providers are:

  • A ticket management system ensures all queries are registered and tackled in time.
  • The system is easy to integrate with the existing customer service representation workflow.

Website Search Enhancing Services 

Have you wondered how websites like Amazon and Flipkart provide efficient search results?

Customers today hardly have the time to scroll through a website manually. A working search feature is crucial to provide the user with navigational ease and reduce bounce-off rates. This is done with the help of another efficient category of service providers that enable better search results within your website to boost your business. 

These services enable:

  • Coverage of all sections in a website, including blogs, content categories, etc.
  • Customize the number of results visible on a page.
  • Placement of products on a priority basis.
  • Changing products display based on topical requirements.

Product Review Services

Product Review

BazaarVoice found that 105% of customers that interact with a customer review are likely to make a purchase. One good reason why it is imperative to have reviews updated on your site. Even the negative reviews work—68% of users trust sites more with both positive and negative reviews.

Product review services can come in handy in keeping up the review count and quality on your site. These services are essential in keeping your eCommerce business updated and relevant. These services provide reviews after using the products and also incentivize reviews. A reward or a coupon usually accompanies the latter. Such services can boost your business.

Know the other benefits of using product review services:  

  • Helps in placing the brand on Google search results.
  • The Q&A format gives users a deeper understanding of the product. It helps in placing the brand on Google search results. 
  • Image and video reviews options help in getting better clarity of product
  • Allows adding consumer-curated content, making the reviews more relatable and relevant.
  • Ensures that the reviews are from genuine sources
  • Ensures that the review is collected after the product is delivered to customers.

Marketplace Integration

This API-based program creates a two-way connection between several online marketplaces and a single selling platform. The e-commerce marketplace integration promotes multi-channel sales by linking various e-commerce processes, establishing linkages with stocks, and integrating data from several channels into a single operating platform in real-time. It lets you track your product lists across many internet marketplaces.

Marketplace integration eCommerce support services allow eCommerce businesses to sell on marketplaces like Facebook, eBay, etc., without creating and managing separate shops. The issue in creating shops in various other marketplaces is their time.

Ecommerce support services allow you to focus on your store while they manage your shop for you. Some eCommerce support services provide you with separate integrations for different marketplaces. They allow diverse marketability and visibility for their products.

Features of an eCommerce Marketplace Integration

Reduces the need for manual selling

E-commerce marketplace integration eliminates the majority of manual tasks by automating the complete workflow, including product upload, figure updates, order administration, and so on.

Enhanced Data Transfer Rate

Because all seller platforms’ APIs are connected in real-time, data flow is quick and secure. It eliminates friction in the data flow from markets to online stores and inventory, which decreases errors.

There is no need to switch platforms.

One of the most appealing features of marketplace integration is that it eliminates the need to switch platforms in order to conduct business. Instead, you may manage all your activities from a single dashboard. This way, you’ll have more time to focus on other important issues. By streamlining the selling process, e-commerce marketplace integration saves time and effort for sellers like you.

Increase the number of channels covered

Integration enhances product visibility by improving listing performance. It enables you, as a retailer, to link your gateway to a variety of marketplaces.

Outshine your competitors

Another benefit is that it makes competing with e-commerce sellers easier. You can claim the buy box by repricing products as needed. You may also control discounts and maintain consistency across the board.

Increase the visibility of your inventory

Multichannel inventory control software allows you to centralize data across all channels. The main benefit is that you can track inventory at all your stocking locations. This allows you to choose the next lowest shipping destination if the default location. If the default location is an out-of-stock product, it will be unavailable. You have the ability to have it delivered from the next closest location.

Increase the size of your audience

Another benefit of selling across several channels is that it allows you to raise brand awareness. It permits you to get to where you want to go. New customers by exhibiting your products on various platforms and developing a brand presence across different channels.

Enhanced Demand Sensing

By integrating an e-commerce platform, overstocking can be minimized. It happens due to inadequate forecasting and data collecting, poor planning, and anticipation of demand fluctuations. A multichannel inventory control software delivers precise sales estimates. It prevents an overabundance or undersupplies problem, which can eat into a company’s profit margins. Each data transfer request is verified.


  • Get real-time store management capabilities.
  • Some services also allow market price comparison, enabling repricing of products and avoiding displaying identical products. 
  • Customized themes are available with a user-friendly user experience design. 
  • Keep updated with queries being asked on these marketplaces, and there are no delayed responses. 
  • Helps inventory management, updates SKUs, and ensures orders are correctly processed; and some even help identify the incoming demand.
  • Allow CRM integration.
  • Allow third-party integrations for managing logistics.

Online Marketing Services 

Online Marketing Services 

More often than not, the amount of effort and money spent on online marketing doesn’t reflect in the results. Online marketing services might be the right way of looking at this.

The advantages of using an online marketing service are:

  • Research SEO keywords for optimization and better search results. Cover all aspects of the website content, including page titles, meta description, ratings, reviews, etc. 
  • Access to affordable and quality graphics and content, which remain coherent throughout all modes of communication.
  • Multiple services in one place like setting up for retargeting, conversion rate optimization, and pay-per-click advertising.
  • Some services also provide segmented messaging and devise strategies based on behavioral triggers to convert customers.

Catalog Management Services

Crucial for catalog building & indexing, today’s customers look for content that is organized systematically and rich with information. Catalog management has become more critical than ever. The right management service can help in :

  • Convert casual onlookers into loyal customers.
  • Minimize errors during the addition or deletion of products.
  • Allow easy updation of relevant data and product descriptions for large sites.
  • Upload hi-resolution pictures with minimum glitches to attract customers.
  • Create easily navigable catalogs and reduce bounce-offs.


Depending upon your need, invest wisely. Some services provide specified solutions, while others have multiple offerings. Narrowing down your choices will mean working with experts in the particular field, while working with a multi-service provider will save cost.

Usually, companies go for specific offerings because they have a definite problem to tackle, for example, the unavailability of good creatives or if they intend to achieve a particular objective.

Including the above-mentioned eCommerce support services in your strategy is advisable to provide consumers with a seamless and quality experience. Ensure the services you choose have recent and relevant reviews and solve the problems you seek answers to. It is advisable to list the requirements your eCommerce business has and go for a service that provides solutions to most of them. 

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