eCommerce Platforms or Marketplace: Where to sell products online?

Consumer purchasing habits are evolving with the rapid emergence of online business and eCommerce platforms globally. Today, most people prefer shopping online instead of physically visiting stores to make their purchases. This has contributed heavily to an ever-expanding eCommerce industry. 

Enterprises and SMBs realize the need to explore the Indian online marketplaces and make their presence online to expand their reach to the target audience.

Globally, eCommerce websites and marketplaces are the two most popular options for merchants to launch their online companies—both online business strategies direct sellers to a different customer base. As a result, the merchants need to decide which platform is best for their business before setting up an online business.

Known in detail what is a marketplace and an eCommerce platform, the difference between the two, and how businesses can sell products online on these platforms: 

Marketplace vs eCommerce Platforms

Software that supports online buying and selling is known as an eCommerce platform. It enables vendors to set up an online store, control digital sales and marketing on a single platform. Multiple eCommerce platforms are available today like Shopify, Woocommerce, Wix, etc.

The seller has complete control over site functionality built on an eCommerce platform. There is no competition, and the seller has all rights to manage the online store without restrictions. It takes effort and implementation of the right strategies to bring traffic and customer engagement to the website. Moreover, the store must be upgraded regularly to add new features and services.

An online marketplace is a multi-vendor space where sellers can list their products. The user can browse the product and other products listed by multiple sellers. Thus, an online marketplace acts as a mediator between the seller and customers. 

There are countless online marketplaces from sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba, etc.

Online marketplaces have more traffic and audience engagement. It has fewer financial risks involved as the sellers don’t need to invest in creating a separate website. However, there is a lot of competition on the online marketplace as there are multiple sellers selling similar products on the same platform. 

Where to Sell Products Online?

The purpose of an e-commerce platform is to enable sellers to have a fully functioning online store where customers can purchase products and services. Starting an online store may seem like a challenging task. But ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Woocommerce, Wix, Magento,etc have made it easier for sellers to set up an online store in no time by using easy-to-use software and its features.

Some of the ecommerce platforms that can help kick start the online presence for business are mentioned below:

Shopify: Shopify is one of the best-hosted eCommerce solutions in the market. Merchants worldwide prefer Shopify due to its unique features and scalability. Additionally, this solution is quite simple to use with an affordable price range.

Magento: Magento has gained a well-deserved reputation for its strong scalability, high customizability, and powerful built-in features. It is more suitable for medium and  large-scale businesses as it provides a cost-effective solution for sellers to set up an online store.  

WooCommerce: WooCommerce is famous for its affordable price, powerful customization ability, and amazing eCommerce features. Also, WooCommerce provides multiple themes and template options to be included in the online store. The merchant can have a visually appealing and powerful WooCommerce store at an affordable price. 

Wix: Wix is another amazing eCommerce platform on the list. This platform is focused on enhancing its ease of use for users. With the drag-and-drop site builder tool from Wix, the seller can get their store up and running by implementing some simple steps. More than that, Wix’s themes are known for their beautiful appearance.

online marketplaces

Among thousands of Marketplaces, some stand out as the top options when choosing a suitable platform to sell. Few of the top sites are mentioned below: 

Amazon: Amazon is one of the top online marketplaces in India that a business must explore. Owing to its global reputation and years of presence in the market, Amazon is one of the most trusted online selling websites. This marketplace is famous for its excellent customer support and amazing shipping service. Listing products on the Amazon marketplace is a promising investment as it has an enormous customer base and market reach. 

Flipkart: Flipkart is another popular online marketplace for selling products and it has become a household name. Vendors can list products under all categories like fashion, apparel, health and wellness, beauty and cosmetics, furniture, and many more. It is a great platform to resell products like vintage jewelry or limited edition apparel collections from brands. Flipkart also offers shipping services to sellers and the rates are calculated based on the product weight and delivery pin code.

Paytm: The marketplace by Paytm is known as Paytm Mall. It gives sellers a platform to sell products. Anyone who wishes to sell new and genuine products can create an account and list products on Paytm mall platform. The products are listed under different categories like apparel, bags, accessories, footwear, etc. The seller manages all services like product pickup, packing and shipping requests. Paytm Mall offers shipping services and once an order is successfully delivered, it processes payment to the sellers.

All the marketplaces mentioned above require sellers to create a profile for verification, followed by listing products in the format they offer. Their commission fees vary based on the product category and sub-category. 

How Does Pickrr Help eCommerce Platforms and Marketplaces?

Pickrr is a one-stop shipping solution for all sellers who have an online presence. It provides hassle-free API Integration with ecommerce platforms and marketplaces. The SaaS-based platform, Pickrr, helps sellers connect with multiple courier services and ensures seamless shipment of products to end consumers.

Pickrr’s tracking widget can be well integrated to the seller’s website for the end customer to track the shipments. It also provides sellers to promote products by adding a branded tracking page. Such value-added services can help sellers to connect with customers and enhance their experience.


For those new to eCommerce, online marketplaces are a great place to start because they allow the sellers to minimize costs, risks, and effort. The best site to sell products online will vary from store to retailer depending on the needs and goals of the business, as well as the product niches. If the seller has a well-established site and does not want to split the revenues with a marketplace, creating an eCommerce website may be the best option for him. 

Both eCommerce and online marketplace are fantastic platforms for the online sale of products. Hence, sellers can choose both of these to grow their business.

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