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Different Services Offered by eCommerce Fulfillment Companies

eCommerce order fulfillment is usually considered as product delivery to customers. However, before an order reaches the customer, several processes are streamlined, which are together defined as fulfillment.  

Order fulfillment is complex and time-consuming, hence, businesses rely on eCommerce fulfillment companies to successfully deliver the product. Each service associated with order fulfillment holds equal importance as an error or failure in any one of the operations can affect the entire supply chain. Hence, the service providers that offer a wide range of services come up with innovative solutions to ensure successful order fulfillment.

Know various types of eCommerce fulfillment services and why businesses must consider a reliable service provider to complete the order fulfillment.  

Main Services Offered by eCommerce Fulfillment Companies 

Find out the important roles of an eCommerce fulfillment company that helps businesses manage their orders and shipment effectively. 


eCommerce platform allows companies to operate online, rather than using a physical store to sell products. Thus, companies simply need a storage space to store products which is either managed in-house or outsourced. Effective storage management is practiced to store products safely and securely until it is sold to customers. To meet the requirements of businesses, eCommerce fulfillment companies offer warehouse spaces for rent to manage inventory. 

Businesses can access a network of fulfillment warehouses across the country based on their requirements to store products. Businesses can pay the fulfillment companies as per the defined average base rental rate per square foot.  

 Inventory Stock Management 

Inventory stock management refers to the process of storing, monitoring, tracking, and releasing the product for delivery. It involves the management of finished goods in the inventory. There are multiple tasks related to inventory stock management that fulfillment companies manage. These tasks include:

  • Measuring the dimension of the package
  • Taking pictures of items
  • Check labels on products
  • Ensure appropriate packaging 


In eCommerce, the significance of packaging is not limited to wrapping, putting items in boxes, and adding labels. 

Customers today expect customized packaging as per the occasion. Additionally, sustainable packaging is gaining more popularity among customers. Effective eCommerce packaging and labeling are needed to boost customer experience and enhance satisfaction.  

Fulfillment companies packaging service ensures that products are in appropriate condition and ready to ship to customers. The team at fulfillment centers performs a quality check to ensure that packaging meets standards and is suitable to carry the fragile, perishable, or hazardous items correctly.  

e-commerce packing market

Handling and Labeling

Package handling includes picking the product for order delivery and placing it in a shipment vehicle for transportation for delivery. Labeling involves adding invoices, and bills and scanning the product to confirm shipment. 

Right handing and labeling of packages are essential to ensure that the customers receive the right and that no items are missing at the time of shipment. Labeling defines the content of the package. It indicates how the things need to be handled until they are delivered to the customer.

The team at fulfillment companies provides appropriate labeling and handling services of products. By using a reliable service, businesses can minimize product mishandling and errors in product delivery.   


Kitting is the process of assembling individual items into a kit that is ready for shipment. It is an effective method to manage multiple items and optimize shipping costs. When a customer places multiple orders on a website the fulfillment company consolidates all items in a single box, instead of sending them in individual boxes. 

Kitting is an effective process to manage bulk items and offer customized packaging services. This method reduces unwanted packaging and ensures that all items reach the customers on a single date instead of sending them separately. 


Shipping involves everything that fulfills order delivery to customers. It includes the following: 

  • Picking the placed order for the warehouse 
  • Arranging package collection for shipment 
  • Ensuring the right transportation service 
  • Managing cost of shipment 

As soon as an order is placed, the order fulfillment companies’ team begins to prepare to pick, pack, and ship products from the fulfillment centers. The entire shipping process is tracked to ensure delivery is completed on time. 

Fast Shipping

The purpose of offering multiple warehousing solutions is to ensure fast shipment of products. eCommerce fulfillment companies allow sellers to store their products at multiple warehouses across the country. Sellers can keep stock of items at locations from where they receive maximum orders.  

As soon as an order is placed, the service provider ships the product from the nearest fulfillment center to the customer.   


eCommerce businesses must ensure to have enough resources and infrastructure to complete order fulfillment. Usually, companies need to invest in the best service provider to offer the best delivery services to customers.  

The advantage of using an order fulfillment service provider is that businesses get all the order fulfillment services at one point of contact.  

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