How to Choose an eCommerce Delivery Management Software?

With the global eCommerce sales expected to hit $5.5 trillion in 2022*, there is nothing slowing down the space anytime soon. In such a scenario, it is safe to assume that online shopping and home delivery have become the driving forces of every economy.

Now, although there is a lack of statistics supporting this notion, the convenience of at-home delivery can be seen as one of the prime factors powering the space. When we talk about delivery and the convenience of it, it has been witnessed that buyers prefer shopping from brands that provide expedited delivery, free shipping, clear timelines, etc. In order to provide a seamlessness of this extent, every eCommerce business requires delivery tracking software. These software, as we will dive into later in this article, are designed to streamline and even automate the delivery tracking system for small businesses and established brands, alike.

An eCommerce delivery management software makes deliveries easier by connecting the vehicles and couriers on the road to the back office. They help with digitizing logistics operations that include sending and tracking delivery information, thus enriching customer experience.

Let us look into the ‘what’ of the delivery management tools.

What are Delivery Management Solutions?

The number of orders that an eCommerce business gets every month can range anywhere from 10 to somewhere around 10 million in case of Amazon, which then becomes x amount in terms of revenue. For instance, in Amazon’s case it was 469.8 billion in 2021. For you, it could be something else.

What are Delivery Management Solutions?

In order to meet such high  demand, the orders have to be divided across multiple courier partners. This is where the courier delivery management system comes into the picture.

These are the solutions that enable you to integrate multiple courier partners and track your orders with utmost comfort. They help you track your orders with the incorporation of API integrations, AI, ML, and other tech-enabled solutions that are known to be revolutionizing the world of logistics.

While delivery management apps come with their obvious set of benefits, how do you make a decision of whether or not you need them for your business? In other words, how do you decide whether or not you want to be a part of the delivery management software market which was valued at US$ 1,594.3 million in 2019 and is projected to reach US$ 4,011.8 million by 2027.

One way to take that decision would be looking into the many benefits that the best delivery management software would offer. 

Benefits of Using a Courier Delivery Software

A delivery management software comes with the necessary feature sets that provide you insights including an estimated delivery time, distance traveled, and the order status. Here are the many benefits that these insights provide you. 

Improved Efficiency

A delivery management software gives end-to-end visibility into all processes, from the management of orders, tracking of delays to products’ drop off. This improves the efficiency of the delivery team by completing deliveries on time with all the necessary information available.

Improved Communication

Delivery management software simplifies the entire delivery workflow by enriching communication between the delivery team and customers. This permits everyone to stay up-to-date regarding any changes or delays with delivery time or location.

Optimization of Delivery Route 

These software can provide the best routes based on traffic, availability of driver, and location of the customer, hence ensuring that deliveries are made in the minimum time possible. Moreover, it helps you reduce the fuel expenses.

Now that we have looked into the key benefits of using delivery software, let us dive into some of the most trusted delivery platforms of the global eCommerce space. 

The Best eCommerce Delivery Management Software

The main objective of delivery management software is to enhance an eCommerce business’ performance and growth. The better software you use, the better growth you can expect in your business.

Here, we bring the five best delivery management software available in the industry:

1. Easyship

Established in 2014 in Hong Kong, Easyship provides services to businesses in more than 35 countries across the globe. It provides discounted and low shipping rates with top courier partners. Easyship integrates with the top-rated delivery companies so that the eCommerce business owners can compare delivery time and shipping rates while choosing channels for shipping orders. It also gives you access to various fulfillment centers leading to fast shipping from the nearest warehouses.

  • Integrations with 20+ courier providers.
  • Access to discounted shipping rates.
  • Facility for comparison of shipping rates and delivery times.
  • Access to multiple fulfillment centers.
  • Provision of customs clearance. 

2. ClickPost 

ClickPost is a commonly used eCommerce delivery management software that uses Push API integrations and Pull API integrations. These ensure that real-time tracking notifications are being sent to both eCommerce businesses and their customers.

ClickPost provides an integration with 120+ courier partners and multiple channel partners like Shopify and Magento with its single API integration feature. This helps in  providing an estimated delivery date to customers before they buy the product. They also have specified automated workflows for eCommerce NDR and returns management.

  • Customized tracking page for customers to view the orders.
  • Dedicated automated workflows for NDR and returns management.
  • Use of AI-driven engines for providing carrier recommendation and detection of delivery exceptions. 
  • Single API integration for completing the order creation and manifestation process. 

3. MetaPack 

MetaPack was established in London and works primarily out of Europe. The delivery software offers tracking services and a number of other significant features that help in aiding streamlining of delivery processes for the eCommerce businesses. 

  • Integration with 400+ courier providers.
  • Access to more than 350,000 storage facilities for simplifying pickup and delivery.
  • One dashboard for viewing and managing orders across various carriers.
  • Provision of customs clearance.

4. ShipStation

Established in 2011, ShipStation provides customizable shipping labels and packaging. It has integration with virtual storefronts and channels like Shopify. It also provides multiple payment plans according to the shipped volume of orders.

  • Integration with different eCommerce systems like Quickbooks, the accounting software.
  • Availability of easy to customize shipping packaging and labels.
  • Provision of adding regular stock reports used for performing inventory management.

5. Shippo

Shippo is a California-based company that provides solutions for shipping label creation and printing, and packing slip creation and printing. The solutions include tracking updates for eCommerce businesses, a tracking page for customers to view order updates and customs clearance status. Shippo also provides multiple other eCommerce delivery management features, making it one of the best software for small businesses and enterprises alike.

  • Facility of tracking updates for eCommerce enterprises.
  • Presence of tracking page for the customers to view their order tracking updates.
  • Provision of customs clearance.
delivery management software

These are only five of the hundreds of delivery software available in the global eCommerce space. What is important for an eCommerce brand is to know how to make the best choice. 

Let us get to that as we conclude the article. 

How to Choose the Best eCommerce Delivery Software?

Selecting a delivery tracking software for an eCommerce business is based on multiple aspects like features, benefits, pricing etc.some of which are listed below:

Pin Code Serviceability

Generally, an eCommerce business functions on a global or national level. Thus, the first factor to consider before selecting the delivery software should be the pin code serviceability. An eCommerce business needs to check whether the platform they are going for serves a large number of pin codes or not. 

Cost of the Software

Before choosing a delivery management software, the second factor to keep in mind is not to burn a hole in your pocket. The aim should be to keep the costs low and customer satisfaction high. The cost of the software should be within the budget that you have planned based on the future sales projections.

Availability of Support Services

A sound delivery management system should provide regular support to handle updates and upgrades. Moreover, you would need efficient support services for onboarding and implementing the software in your current legacy system.

Features and Services

The scope of features and services offered may differ from platform to platform. This can be a significant determinant in selecting the best delivery management and tracking software. In order to best measure a software against the services and features they offer, you would need to have a clear understanding of your business requirements. 

Parting Words

Selecting the delivery management software or tool is crucial for an eCommerce business. So for the sake of both your business processes and your customers’ satisfaction, you would have to look for a platform that is compatible with your (and your customers’) needs, comes with real-time support, and fits in your budget.

If you’re looking for a one-stop delivery management solution, you can opt for Pickrr. In partnership with leading courier companies, Pickrr helps you deliver orders across 29,000+ pin codes with real-time order tracking. You can also store inventory and deliver it in the minimum time with a pan-India network of Pickrr Plus Fulfillment centers.

We hope that you have gathered some useful insights into what you should be looking for while selecting the best delivery management software for your business.

*Statistics source

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