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Proper handling of the product and swift courier delivery services are critical while delivering essential items. Are you worried about these factors, especially during pandemics and lockdowns? Are you looking for the best and safest courier services for delivering goods critical to your customers? Pickrr can help you connect with such courier service platforms.

What are Essential Items? 

Essential items are critical for maintaining your health and hygiene and are vital for the functioning of your house. Without these items, survival becomes more difficult. Hence, these items are termed essential.

Some of the basic essential items are-

  • Fruits, vegetables, and ready-made food products, including dry fruits and snacks
  • Personal hygiene products like soaps and oils
  • Detergents, washing powder, bulbs, etc. for the home

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, items like masks, gloves, and sanitisers have also become essential for every individual. Reports state that the sales for these products increased by over 800%. Sales for canned goods and non-perishable food items also witnessed an 87% increase.

Delivering Essential Items 

Naturally, a spike in demand for essential items also means an increase in the delivery of these products. Sometimes, you may even find a surge in the number of orders. Even if you ship your orders with the best courier services like DTDC courier, courier FedEx, or Delhivery pickup, managing and tracking each order can become inconvenient.

The burden on your shoulders only increases if obstacles like delayed shipment, lost shipment, or cancelled orders are added to the routine.

Fast courier speeds are not only crucial for essential items but also improve your brand’s reputation. Therefore, delayed shipments can be damaging to your business. An increase in cancelled orders and a high Return to Origin (RTO) ratio can also cause a loss to your business.

Such hurdles and challenges make it difficult for you to scale and expand your operations. This calls for an effective solution.

Pickrr – All-In-One Shipping Solution

Pickrr is a logistics aggregator that helps you ship your orders with different delivery courier services and manage and track them on a single platform. 

So say you ship five orders with DTDC, three through India Post, and one with FedEx international courier. With Pickrr, you will find details and get regular updates on all these orders on one dashboard.  

Whether you are part of eCommerce platforms like Shopify or have a custom stand-alone eCommerce store, you can easily integrate our services into your eCommerce website using our ready-to-install APIs.  

Why Should You Deliver Essential Items with Pickrr? 

  • Safe Handling of Products 

Safe and secure handling of the products is of utmost importance with essential goods like food items, canned and bottled products, and medical items like thermometers.  

At Pickrr, we understand this importance. Hence, we have partnered up with the best delivery partners for eCommerce who also believe and follow the same principles and are experts in secure handling of the products.  

  • Pickup and Drop to any Location  

We offer multi-location pickup services and help you reach different corners of the country by delivering orders to over 26,000 pin codes in India.  

What else? We also help you expand your services beyond India by shipping products to over 200 countries. All you have to do is pack the product and keep it ready for the delivery partner to pick up.  

  • Deliver in Bulk 

There may be times when you receive bulk orders for an essential item. For example, people may purchase dry fruits in bulk during a festive season. To help you ship orders in bulk at an affordable rate, we offer various weight slabs that vary from 500g to 10kg.  

Pickrr also uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to calculate the exact weight of the product when you place a shipping order on our platform.  

  • Track all Your Orders  

Pickrr’s dashboard provides real-time tracking for all your orders. Apart from this, you and your customer also receive regular status updates via SMS and email.  

Pickrr Plus 

High-speed delivery of essential goods is a no-brainer. The value of these products is so high that quick and efficient delivery to the customer is vital.  

The importance of fast shipping is on the rise as 80% of shoppers want same-day shipping. 49% of shoppers even said that their online shopping chances increase if the store offers same-day delivery.  

The most significant plus point of choosing Pickrr Plus is the fulfilment and delivery speed. Like Amazon Prime, Pickrr Plus also offers 1-2 day delivery based on the location. Using AI, we select the best courier service for handling your shipments. We also help you reduce your shipping costs and return ratio.  


Efficiently delivering your essential items and managing all the logistics business could not have been easier. Pickrr understands the stakes involved in providing critical goods in the best condition at top-notch speed.  

Sign up on our logistics aggregator platform so that we can work together to scale your business.  


  • Is there any limit on the number of shipping orders that I can make? 

No, with Pickrr, you can place unlimited shipping orders and deliver your products anywhere with ease.  

  • How does Pickrr charge for shipments? 

With Pickrr, you only have to pay for what you ship. There are no monthly subscription charges or any other hidden charges. You may take a look at the different plans that vary based on your total monthly orders.  

  • Can Pickrr deliver orders on the same day? 

By partnering up with hyper-local carriers, we do offer same-day delivery of products. However, it majorly depends on the location and partner availability.

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