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Why Do D2C Brands Need to Invest in Their Delivery?

Direct-to-Customer has become a pivotal component in the growth of the Indian economy. According to a CII-Shiprocket report, with more than 800+ d2c brands, the Indian D2C market is projected to reach $60 billion by the end of 2027. However, the market’s growth depends on customer satisfaction and timely delivery of the products. 

The commutation of the products from the brands to customers is usually taken care of by “Direct-to-Customer” deliveries. This transportation of orders enables D2C brands to operate seamlessly by eliminating traditional retail chains. As a result, the D2C delivery model benefits manufacturers and customers by lowering costs.

Industries can increase profits and identify opportunities for growth by using a D2C model. Furthermore, industries in every niche can assist customers with the most recent collection and develop direct relationships with them.

According to a Statista report, with approximately 700 million internet users and 190 million online shoppers, India has the third-largest digital shopping base after the United States and China. This means that direct-to-consumer or D2C brands are on the rise, as they use the online platform to sell directly to consumers, bypassing the traditional distribution network of wholesalers, stockists, and retailers.

It has been observed that businesses that want to succeed must have direct customer interaction. It not only paves the way for your business to grow but it also assists you in working toward success.

So, let’s look at the importance of deliveries for D2C brands:

Why Is Delivery So Important?

Online customers expect a quick, problem-free, and reasonably priced delivery service. They will not shop with you again if they do not understand it. This section examines why delivery services have become so important.

Maintaining Competitiveness

Since there are multiple D2C brands operating in the Indian market, being competitive is a tough task for companies. Each organization uses multiple marketing and branding strategies to promote its product as superior to the competitor. On-time, secure, and the easy product delivery is a crucial differentiator that helps D2C brands to stay ahead of the competition. Moreover, to ensure that the D2C brands remain competitive and hold a significant share in the market, it is essential that they focus on mending the gap between brand and customer satisfaction. This can be done through error-free product deliveries. 

Customer Loyalty

Maintaining a consistent delivery service is critical in building a loyal customer base and gaining  positive reviews from customers. The delivery should be seamless and simple for customers to track through their ordering application.

Furthermore, the customer should be able to contact the brands directly for any potential errors to be resolved as soon as possible. This consistency and dependability of service will boost your reviews and ensure the longevity of your business. 

Why Do You Need to Invest in D2C Delivery?

D2C Delivery

Market demands constantly change depending upon the occasion, festivals, and locations. To cater to the changing dynamics of the demands, D2C brands must have an efficient delivery network. As a result, the brands can leverage the following benefits:

Improved Brands-Customer Relationship

Fast delivery not only allows you to provide a positive customer experience but it also allows you to establish a direct business-to-consumer relationship. As a result, it improves your market reputation and helps you acquire customers. 

Gives the Ability to Be Independent

With d2c delivery, you don’t have to rely on others to provide your service to customers. Instead, you can easily serve your customers however you want. It also gives you proper control over service in exchange for happy customers.

Efficiently Strategize and Plan for Future Requirements

Direct customer interaction allows you to understand the customer’s expectations better,. This information will enable you to understand better and plan your future business strategy.

How Pickrr Help D2C Brand In Improving Their Deliveries?

With Pickrr, you can automate shipping processes from seller to buyer with SaaS-based logistics solutions. It unifies all logistical processes on a single platform, utilizing AI and ML technology. As a result, it enables businesses to deliver their products across India efficiently.

It fulfills the requirements of d2c companies of all sizes, whether small, medium, or large. The following are some of the most advantageous features of Pickrrs delivery management system for businesses:

  • Integration of API channels
  • Pickrr Predict, a Pickrr VAS, reduces RTO by up to 50%, allowing you to extract more value from each cargo.
  • A single dashboard provides access to NDR performance and assistance.
  • Pickrr’s AI and machine learning models analyze various parameters to identify your company’s most cost-effective courier partners.
  • Detailed courier performance reports
  • Pickrr Connect provides regular updates on the order journey via SMS, email, and WhatsApp.
  • Faultless customer service


The only way to keep customers is to provide excellent services and an enjoyable experience. So, use tech-enabled platforms for delivery management to gain a competitive edge over rivals and increase the efficiency of your business by delivering services on time.

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