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Ways to Improve Customer Satisfaction in Last-Mile Delivery

Today the customers have become more demanding in terms of transparency and control over their orders. The flexible services, real-time tracking, delivery updates, and proof of deliveries provided by giants such as Amazon and Flipkart have raised the bar for customers’ expectations for smooth last-mile delivery.

The last-mile delivery service of a business can make or break a brand’s reputation. Customers are unlikely to use the same company or brand again if they do not deliver the goods on the estimated delivery date. 

The secret to a successful business is customer satisfaction. Since last-mile deliveries play a crucial role in boosting customer shopping experience and satisfaction, it is essential for businesses to keep enhancing their last-mile deliveries. To ensure the customer receives the best last-mile delivery experience, brands invest in implementing innovative last-mile delivery systems.

Let us discuss last-mile delivery and the strategies to improve customer experience.  

What is Last-Mile Delivery?

The conveyance of purchased products from a transportation hub to a destination is called last-mile delivery. Its primary goal is the delivery of the package to the final user.

Most online buyers claim that the type of delivery service that the online marketplace or seller provides directly impacts their purchasing experience. According to a report by McKinsey, the availability of a wide range of delivery alternatives and the perceived quality of the delivery services are essential factors in online customers’ decision-making, and this directly impacts the competitiveness of brands. 

Benefits of Last-Mile Delivery Software 

Here are some benefits of the last-mile delivery software:

Increases output

Using last-mile technology may prevent pointless inactivity or unplanned detours. Additionally, your drivers can deliver packages quickly by adopting effective routes. you may control the entire day’s worth of deliveries by carefully organizing your routes.

Boosts Profitability

Last-mile delivery services can increase your company’s profitability by boosting productivity, streamlining routes, and enhancing customer satisfaction. It also helps the brands build brand loyalty, spend less on fleet management, and retain more customers.

Helps in Streamlining Operations

This quick delivery solution automates several procedures. As a result, a lot of time, money, and effort is saved. Additionally, it organizes the shipment and delivery processes. Furthermore, the entire operations become effective, and you can serve several clients simultaneously.

Strategies to Improve Last-Mile Delivery Customer Experience

last mile delivery

How can you improve your last-mile delivery experience for your customers? Here are some strategies you can make use of: 

Give Control to Customers 

When customers can customize their delivery, they feel more in control. Customers can select a date and time window in which they are available to receive their orders using the delivery management system’s various slots.

Provide Real-time Tracking 

Giving customers real-time tracking could make them happier and minimize the effort of customer support professionals.

Some delivery management software already includes this feature. Customers get a live monitoring link to track delivery agents in real time. From the time the driver picks up the product from the warehouse to the routes he takes to deliver the product to the customer’s doorstep, the built-in communication system keeps track of the parcel in real time.

As soon as the driver is close to their location, they’ll get messages or emails alerting them. Additionally, if there is a delay, they are informed.

Keep Track of Your Drivers

Monitoring your drivers’ performance and increasing your interactions while improving their ability to interact with you. This tracking and training helps  improve the brand’s face value. Tracking your drivers in real-time is necessary if you want to remain competitive.

Brands should also maintain regular contact with your drivers so that you are aware of any issues as soon as they occur.

Leverage Integrated Logistics Data

Keep all the logistical data in one place to improve problem-solving areas and increase operations’ effectiveness. The best use of data is when it is available in real-time. Organize data so that it is all in one place, including fleet information.

Utilizing the potential of top-notch route management software is a crucial step toward increasing the profitability of your brand’s last-mile delivery operation. You can maintain track of your drivers and their whereabouts, paying close attention to even the smallest details. 


Consumer expectations and behavior have changed due to the rapid expansion of e-commerce. The ability to track their products, quicker and more dependable delivery alternatives and simple driver communication are all things that customers these days expect. These requirements add to the logistical procedure for last-mile delivery, which is already difficult. Businesses may rely on last-mile solutions to fulfill rising consumer demands and assist in controlling last-mile expenses. Pickrr offers excellent last-mile delivery software for brands to keep their customers in the loop of their packages’ journey. Connect with Pickrr today and leverage the seamless services to keep your customers happy.  

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