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Top 5 Courier Service in Mumbai

In India, the e-commerce industry has reached its pinnacle. As a result, delivery services have seen high profits in their services. Therefore, E-commerce merchants can now deliver the products to customers on time, in good condition, and at a reasonable cost.

E-commerce store owners are constantly looking for a courier service in Mumbai to deliver products on time and at a reasonable cost. This article is for you if you are looking for the quickest and cheapest service courier partner in Mumbai.

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Fastest Courier Service in Mumbai

Fastest Courier Service

Hundreds of courier companies have sprung up worldwide, and Mumbai is no exception. Many local courier services in Mumbai have established themselves in the courier industry, and we have listed the best of them here for your convenience.

List of Best Courier Service in MumbaiFeaturesPincodes
Blue DartIt provides air express, freight forwarding, supply chain solutions, and customs clearance services.The most trustable brandLogistics solution specialist36,000+
DelhiveryEnsure flexible, reliable, and resilient supply chains at low costs for customers.Efficient reverse logisticsVarious options for delivery29000+
PickrrAI-enabled eCommerce business dashboardIntegration with a single click, no coding requiredLower RTO lossesReduce your shipping costs.Daily COD remittance29000+
ShiprocketThe most affordable shipping ratesThe greatest possible reachExcellent customer serviceIntegration with the top 17 courier companiesLower return costs versus forward chargesMaximum security protection against lost shipments29000+
Ecom ExpressIt’s essential to give priority to speed, safety, and dependability.Nationwide express delivery services that are safe and dependable27,000+

1. BlueDart

BlueDart is well-known in courier service in Mumbai for providing quick and low-cost services. Blue dart courier service Mumbai entails faster deliveries with no hidden fees. The charges are calculated using the price finder feature based on weight. It is a reliable delivery service provider and it provides a high level of customer satisfaction.

Blue Dart is one of Asia’s largest courier companies, with over 36000 locations in 220 countries. Blue dart mumbai has become the go-to operator for many in the city, thanks to its cutting-edge technology and dedicated aircraft for transporting freight across the country. As a result, customers can expect the quickest delivery when sending packages with them. It is part of the DHL Group, which also has locations throughout the city.

2. Delhivery

Delhivery is the most dependable and best courier service in MumbaI for domestic shipments. It also offers reverse logistics and international shipping. 

It offers services such as on-demand delivery, next-day delivery, and same day courier service Mumbai.

They serve a diverse base of over 29200 active customers, including e-commerce marketplaces, direct-to-consumer e-tailers, enterprises, and SMEs in FMCG, consumer durables, consumer electronics, lifestyle, retail, automotive, and manufacturing.

By revenue in Fiscal 2021, Delhivery is India’s largest and fastest courier service in Mumbai that is  growing as a fully-integrated player. They intend to create the commerce operating system by combining world-class infrastructure, high-quality logistics operations, and cutting-edge engineering and technology capabilities.

3. Pickrr

If a customer needs something delivered quickly, Pickrr is the place to go. It is India’s most popular cheapest courier service in mumbai. Its platform has over 30 courier partners, including most of the names available in India.

Pickrr enables brands and consumers to ship to over 29,000+ pin codes and provides consumers with a seamless delivery experience, including prepaid payment options.

It facilitates same-day and next-day deliveries by having fulfillment centers throughout the country. Companies and customers also benefit from additional benefits such as an automated NDR panel, post-order tracking pages, etc.

4. Shiprocket

Shiprocket is a reputable E-commerce solution provider that offers low-cost shipping services. Using this, you can ship anywhere in India and abroad at discounted rates using the best courier company.

Shiprocket has acquired over 100K+ happy clients, 200K+ shipments daily, 24,000 pin codes covered, 220 countries, and has grown more than tenfold in total monthly shipments since its inception in 2017. By simplifying eCommerce for Indian merchants, Shiprocket, which is innovative, simple, and reliable, has simplified their shopping process.

They allow brands to concentrate on their core competencies rather than managing store orders and searching for dependable best courier service in Mumbai. As a result, hundreds of eCommerce merchants have used Shiprocket to build their brands and provide a delightful customer experience to their users.

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5. Ecom Express

Ecom Express is the cheapest courier service in Mumbai, offering low-cost express delivery. It is well-known for delivering valuable items such as gold jewelry because it provides additional security and monitoring during storage and transportation. Other services include express delivery and a quality check at the doorstep for returned items. 

‘Ecom Express Service’  Ecom Fulfillment Services (EFS) and Ecom Digital Services (EDS) are the Express services. Ecom Express Service provides pick-up (from sellers or warehouses) and delivery (to end customers) of products ordered online. 

Under the Express service, Ecom Express also provides QC (quality check) enabled reverse logistics facilities. This trains Ecom Express executives to perform quality checks on products returned by end customers and safely deliver them to the sellers or the warehouse the product was dispatched.


This is a comprehensive list of the best courier services in Mumbai with whom brands can collaborate to ensure that their clients’ goods arrive on time and in the right place. They’ve all spent a long time in logistics and have a solid reputation for providing high-quality courier services across India. As a result, hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses have relied on these courier services to meet their client’s deadlines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is rush service in courier services in Mumbai?

A1. In the context of courier services in Mumbai, “rush service” may refer to a delivery option that allows a package to be delivered more quickly than the standard delivery time. This may involve additional fees, as the courier company may need to prioritize the delivery of the package over other shipments. Rush service may be useful for time-sensitive or urgent shipments that cannot wait for the standard delivery time. It is important to note that the specifics of rush service, including the cost and the estimated delivery time, may vary depending on the courier company and the delivery location.

Q2. How can I send a courier from Mumbai?

A2. Many courier services in Mumbai can offer you a wide range of services to send a courier, depending on the urgency of your package, the types of goods, and your budget. Some of the courier services you can find in Mumbai are Pickrr, Shiprocket, and more.

Q3. What is domestic courier service?

A3. A domestic courier service is a company that transports and delivers packages, documents, and other items within a country.

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