Courier Partners for an Amazon Seller

Courier Partners for an Amazon Seller

Since its inception in 1994, Amazon has only looked ahead of time and made a niche in the eCommerce sector globally. The primary reason behind its success story is its customer-focused approach and perfect delivery timelines. Customers are delivered what they want in the most seamless and user-friendly manner, strictly adhering to the expected delivery time, and easy and timely pickups on return orders too. 

This has been possible only with a robust logistics business partner backup committed and competitive on services and prices. 

Being one of the most visited online marketplaces in India and even globally, Amazon provides sellers with an opportunity to showcase their products to crores of buyers instantly. This calls for being ready to ship your products and maintain a delivery timeline as soon as you receive an order notification in your inbox.

Hence, it would help you be extra vigilant while selecting your e-commerce logistics partner for your Amazon orders. However, while choosing the right logistics company, you need to weigh it on various metrics like shipping cost, returns, RTO charges, and many more.

Things You Need to Consider Before Making Your Delivery Logistics Pick

Streamlining shipping and order fulfilment is the core to success for any e-commerce establishment. The best is to choose an all-in-one shipping solution for your e-commerce business that manages:

  • All your deliveries across multiple carriers on a single dashboard 
  • Provides the most affordable rates and hassle-free services at the best shipping prices
  • Prioritizes time and commitment over everything else
  • Provides warehousing and fulfilment solutions too
  • Prompts to collaborate with the best courier services for your goods and services
  • Provides real-time tracking

What to Look for in Your Courier Partner if You are an Amazon Seller? 

Technology is the key to the smooth functioning of any and every venture in today’s tech-oriented world. Hence, choose a logistics and supply chain management partner for your e-commerce business wisely and sensibly. Make sure to pick the one that provides seamless services at the best rates, ensuring the most comprehensive coverage without having to compromise on your profit margins. 

For this, the artificial intelligence order processing software at Pickrr can do wonders for your business as an Amazon seller. What you get here is:

  • Shipping anything, anywhere, to 29,000+ pin codes across India and more than 200 destinations beyond the length and breadth of the globe
  • Multi-location pickup facilities from multiple warehouses via road, sea, or air as per your preference, depending on your order requirement.
  • Advanced analytical monitoring of your shipped orders through a comprehensive report on a daily or weekly basis
  • Flexible shipping options, with weight slabs ranging from 500 gms to 10 kgs, as per your shipping needs, and suitability 

Final Take

The need of the hour is to shortlist an eCommerce delivery partner that simplifies your shipping proposals with a single click by dispatching, managing, and tracking orders through a single dashboard, all under one umbrella.

So, if you are a newbie or looking to expand your e-business as an Amazon seller, all you need to do is make Pickrr your logistics aggregator. This would enable you to grow your business network and reach out to your customers located across multiple destinations, for faster order fulfilment, in the most cost-effective manner. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many courier companies is Pickrr linked to?

Pickrr is a particular touchpoint for over 20 carriers that can help you manage your deliveries in various regions, states, and countries at a faster and more efficient pace. 

  1. Is it essential to have a return policy as an Amazon seller?

As a part of their business policy, all Amazon sellers should accept returns. The returns can be initiated through the same logistics partner who had delivered the product. You should set the terms and conditions with your logistics delivery partner before closing the deal with them as your courier company for your Amazon products.

  1. What is real-time tracking?

You can get real-time SMS and e-mail alerts to track your shipments. There are logistic companies, like Pickrr, that provide daily NDR updates to handle delivery exceptions and even evaluate delivery performance through MIS and daily pickup reports. 

  1. How does the COD facility work with the courier partners for my Amazon sales? 

Cash-on-delivery is a must when you are in an e-commerce business. Not everyone has access to credit cards and net banking facilities, especially in developing nations like India. Hence, COD is mandatory to grow your online sales. Your courier Partner would collect the cash from your customers and would then make bulk remittances to your account within 2-3 days of your order delivery, as decided upon, mutually, while signing the contract with them.

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