How to Overcome B2B Logistics Challenges

B2B Logistics: Challenges and Solutions

Logistics plays a prominent role in distributing goods from one location to another. It involves multiple operations like packaging, handling, loading, transportation, and reloading of goods. These operations are streamlined and well controlled by teams handling different operations to ensure accurate and fast delivery of goods. 

Businesses expect accurate and on-time delivery of goods at an affordable cost. For this, they depend on a logistics service provider who can help them meet business requirements. Nowadays, logistics companies come up with technology-driven solutions to offer the best service to their clients. However, with so many goods transportation taking place daily and the involvement of multiple operations and resources for a single order placement can lead to errors and inaccuracy in order placement.

So what challenges can halt the B2B logistics for a company? Let’s look at some roadblocks and understand how D2C brands can overcome them.

Common Challenges of B2B Order Delivery 

Manufacturers, distributors and businesses face certain challenges when offering B2B deliveries. 

According to a 2018 report by Statista, 33.3% of B2B businesses consider visibility the biggest challenge. Whereas 26.9% consider inventory management as the biggest challenge that hampers B2B deliveries.  

Know what are other major B2B delivery challenges faced by companies. 

Effective Transportation

Choosing the suitable route for the shipment of products is crucial to ensure on-time delivery of products to the destination. Sometimes the delivery manager also needs to make an instant decision to change the route in unprecedented situations like strikes, heavy rain, flood, traffic, etc. 


Managing the route can be difficult if businesses are not using the right route optimization tools. These tools can analyze the best route for B2B shipment or determine problems before they occur. 

Businesses must consider choosing a service that helps them choose an optimal route to deliver products in less time and minimize fuel costs. 

Order Tracking

Order tracking is one of the most important features of logistics today. While the tracking system is well used in B2C shipment, not all B2B delivery service providers offer order tracking access to their clients. This can be challenging for businesses as they rely on service providers until products reach their destination. 


Business owners looking for a B2B shipment service must choose a service provider with all shipment details and an order tracking system. This can help them track their orders in real-time and control B2B shipments. 

Delivery Cost

In B2B shipment, packages are delivered in B2B shipment, which adds a good amount of cost to shipment. For businesses, it becomes challenging to ship goods from one location to another within a defined budget.   


Thankfully, the B2B shipping companies with years of experience help these businesses by offering delivery services at optimized shipment costs. Various parameters are analyzed to cut costs and offer services to their clients at a reasonable cost. These include the right kind of packaging, vehicle, route and more. 

Order Commitment Dates 

The B2B logistics service providers have multiple orders from clients. Sometimes, pickup and further shipment might get delayed due to higher orders. Planning and appropriate use of resources thus play an important role in ensuring that the orders are shipped to the destination within the defined time.   


Businesses who need a B2B shipping service must cross-check past order fulfillment, history, years of experience, and resources of the service providers to meet their B2B order fulfillment needs. 

Order Fulfillment Accuracy 

A lot of handling occurs before an order is delivered to the destination. Hence, picking, packing, and handling errors is always possible. When an order is inaccurate, a lot of time, effort, and resources are wasted. Moreover, it can delay further shipment to end customers in the case of B2B order fulfillment. 


With the right process and service, the order accuracy can be improved. Businesses must understand the picking and process defined by the service provider. They also thoroughly review the documents to minimize inaccuracy in order fulfillment. 

Channel Integration 

Integration is crucial for efficient supply chain management. Businesses need to integrate their platform with logistics service providers’ platforms to manage shipments seamlessly.  There are many different data types involved in B2B integration hence maintaining standards, privacy, and protocols can be challenging. 

There are many different data types involved in B2B integration hence maintaining standards, privacy, and protocols can be challenging.


Businesses must consider integrating with a logistics integration partner with clear and defined policies. 

They must outsource to a business that specializes in integration. By choosing reliable shipping service providers, they can invest maximum time in handling their core business rather than on shipment. 

Pickrr provides an easy channel integration platform to help businesses manage their shipments. Access Pickrr’s AI-enabled dashboard to manage the shipment of orders through a reliable shipping service provider. 


Challenges are a part of logistics; however, with the advancement of technology and experienced professionals offering the delivery service, the logistics can be reduced to a greater extent. However, it is important to plan strategically for B2B shipment. A reliable shipping service provider plays a significant role in order fulfillment.

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