B2B Ecommerce Order Management: How to Improve It

Today the focus of B2B eCommerce companies is rapidly changing. They not only invest in delivering the required products to the clients but also in offering a unique experience. Moreover, the increasing penetration of digital technologies in the shopping and business culture has made it a mandate for B2B eCommerce companies to focus on customer satisfaction. 

According to a report by Statista, Indian B2B eCommerce stood at $5.6 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach the value of $60 billion by the end of 2025.

One critical strategy to improve customer satisfaction is B2B order management. It allows eCommerce businesses to streamline the orders from dispatch to delivery.

Your e-business can improve its operational performance by combining an order management system with suitable business strategies. It can also overcome the general challenges associated with B2B order management. However, before looking into the strategies that can help businesses to improve order management, let’s first understand what order management is.

What is B2B Order Management? 

B2B order management is a strategy for tracking and controlling the order status before dispatch and while in transit. A typical B2B OMS begins with clients placing orders online via a custom web portal or a dedicated B2B eCommerce app. Once the order is placed and sent for confirmation and post-confirmation, the products are dispatched accordingly.

Ways to Improve Order Management in B2B eCommerce

Management in B2B eCommerce

B2B order management is a complicated but critical aspect of a successful business. If you get it wrong, you risk losing your customers and money.

Let’s look at improving good B2B order management and ensuring that your company is fulfilling orders as efficiently as possible. 

Use Order Management Software

One of the best ways to improve your B2B order management is to use OMS or order management software. To get the maximum benefits, you must consider combining your eCommerce platform, order management software, and accounting software. The amalgamation of these three tools allows your business to use centralized order data across multiple stores. Furthermore, an advanced OMS can provide reporting functionality and improve inventory management.

Retail & B2B ERP Software

Another strategy to improve order management is to use retail and B2B ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software. These platforms have essential functionalities such as finance management, sales management, inventory management, logistics, and fulfillment. Moreover, some retail and B2B operation platforms offer customer relationship management capabilities that help your businesses offer customers a unique shopping experience.

Make Navigation Easy

The complex navigation of your online store can result in loss of money and customers. A clean and user-friendly interface allows customers to locate and add products quickly. 

You can also make use of a variety of business tools, such as line sheets. A line sheet is a straightforward, systematic source that accurately represents your brand. It also contains all the information a customer needs to purchase your products.

Moreover, to further enhance the ease of navigation, you can integrate features such as AI-enabled product recommendations that allow customers to add multiple products without navigating the webshop.

Streamline Your Order Processing

Once an order is placed, ensure to avoid errors causing delays and get the order completion cycle moving quickly. The sooner the clients receive their order, the happier they will be and the more likely they will return to make another purchase.

It is advisable to Combine your ERP and e-business systems so that all necessary procedures are performed automatically. For example, when orders are sent to the ERP, the stock is updated, buyers receive updated emails, and so on. 

However, if you have multiple commercial channels, make sure you connect them to your e-commerce store or directly to your ERP. If possible, merge your orders from these channels into a single control panel (some ERPs allow this).

It is preferable to see the progress of all your orders in one place. The process will be easier if you can connect your orders to your vendor’s systems.

How Pickrr Improves B2B E-commerce Order Management?

Business-to-business e-commerce companies can benefit significantly from a 3PL, like Pickrr. There are some major benefits which we have mentioned below:

Infrastructure Cost Savings  

Pickrr helps businesses by eliminating their need to invest in fulfillment and delivery requirements. As a result, you can use the saved cost to provide better service and products to your customers. In addition, with a pricing advantage, you can attract more customers loyal to their bottom line rather than their current supplier.

Fulfillment Cost Savings 

Another important area where costs can get reduced is fulfillment. Letting 3PL companies such as Pickrr manage your fulfillment needs allows you to leverage experience, technology, and expertise that can result in high cost and resource savings. For example, product returns are a major issue for e-commerce operations. These can be expensive and quickly add up to your business’s overall cost of operations. However, partnering with 3PL allows you to reduce the cost of maintaining a warehouse for order fulfillment. This reduces the overall operation cost significantly.


B2B eCommerce companies must be able to meet their clients’ high expectations. However, managing bulk orders can be difficult for B2B businesses. Companies require order management systems to overcome challenges and improve operational efficiency. Order management software, ERP, retail, and B2B operation platforms can all get used to improve order management. Use the best tools and strategies to manage your client orders better. To know more about how you can leverage tech-enabled order management systems for eCommerce and D2C businesses, connect with us.‍

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