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Automation: Connecting Dots to Make a Stronger B2B Delivery Network

Over the period, the B2B industry has continuously expanded and innovated. As a result, the sector consistently delivers new services and products to help businesses deliver their product efficiently to the desired location. However, as the digital age is progressing and influencing the B2B delivery sector, the implementation of the internet and advanced technologies has exponentially increased. One such technology -Automation, is disrupting the B2B delivery service industry. A report by Research and Market states that the Indian logistics automation market was valued at INR 67.33 Bn in 2021 and is projected to reach the value of INR 145.10 Bn by the end of 2027. The report also states that the market will experience a whopping 13.28% from 2022 to 2027.

Before looking at the impact of automation in improving the B2B delivery industry, let’s first delve into the term B2B delivery.

What is B2B delivery?

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In layman’s language, B2B delivery means delivering products from one business to another. Now business-to-business delivery is slightly different from B2C or D2C deliveries. In such goods transportation, the shipments are significant in volume and are either delivered to stores or multiple warehouses of a business. To ensure that B2B deliveries are made seamlessly, brands use some best practices, such as route optimization, effective customer service, and flexible delivery options.

Now let’s look into the current scenario of B2B delivery in the Indian market. 

Indian B2B Delivery Sector: Nascent But Huge Potential

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An article by The Economic Times states that the B2B delivery sector is still in its early stages; however, the emerging segment carries a considerable profit potential for online business owners. This is because customers’ demands have become more competitive, pinpointed, and service-oriented. Especially post-COVID era has made the customer’s demand more intense in terms of contactless deliveries, more internet-based shopping, and the emergence of new brands that deliver products to the customer’s doorstep.

What the B2B delivery sector has in store for Indian online business owners is clear. So, it would be appropriate to look into how automation can help the brands to build an efficient B2B delivery network.

Automation Helping the Brands to Build a Strong B2B Network

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B2B automation implements advanced tech-enabled software tools to manage inventory, delivery schedules, cost calculation, and route optimization. So how does it help the brands to expand their delivery network?

Reduce Human Errors

Manual data collection, managing, and monitoring can be extremely time-consuming and highly error-prone in today’s data-oriented time. Moreover, the growing digitization of shopping in India has made a massive surge in orders which are again quite difficult to manage manually and may cause errors due to human intervention. Therefore it is beneficial for the brands to use an automated platform for order pickups and route planning for delivery management.

An automated tool such as electronic procurement software coupled with advanced data analytics helps the brands have better inventory visibility, avoiding stock outs. This, as a result, allows the brands to deliver authentic products to customers ensuring a satisfied customer.

Removing Workflow Friction

Manual movement of information usually creates a lot of friction in the B2B delivery sector. From cart management to invoicing, the communication between brand and delivery partner usually has several pieces of information which are extremely difficult to manage manually. Failing to manage this information effectively may lead to delays in delivery, higher RTOs, and in some cases, loss of the product. With the help of an automated information sharing platform, the communication of order placement, cart updates, and order status can be made with just a few clicks making information sharing easy and hassle-free.

On-time Order Dispatch

Before the orders are dispatched to the clients, they must be labeled, assigned to courier partners, and manifested by the brands. Manual procedures for these tasks can result in misplacement or loss of product. Using automated labeling and manifestation software can verify the information provided by the clients and prepare electronic documents ensuring the products are ready to be picked up. On the other hand, automated courier partner selection can select the optimum delivery partner for the brand based on its performance at the destination location, cost, and delivery time. The best part is that all these tasks can be done with just a click on the computer or smartphone, and the orders can be dispatched on time.

Better Brand-Buyer Relationship

B2B buyers are highly enthusiastic about the advantages of automation integration over the brand’s website. Several buyers rely on automated platforms which offer straightforward paths for data exchange, order confirmation, invoicing, and shipping notifications. Sharing this information with the buyer bridges the brand-buyer relationship-improving, customer loyalty, and retention rate. Moreover, the automated tools create an effortless, more intuitive purchasing experience for buyers, further strengthening brand-buyer relationships.

Delivery Tracking

Tracking the delivery is the most crucial aspect for any B2B business. Customers are now more demanding in terms of the quality of services. Moreover, with the power of the internet, they want to be connected with the orders once that is in transit. With an automated delivery tracking system, brands can offer real-time insights about the order status to the clients. Moreover, with tech-enabled delivery tracking system brands can provide transparent visibility of the order journey. As a result the organizations can easily inform the end customer about the tentative delivery reducing RTO and risk of NDR.

How Pickrr Helps Brands with B2B Deliveries?

Pickrr is a SaaS-based B2B logistics solution provider. The innovative solution -Rocketbox designed specifically for business-to-business deliveries to cater to brands’ logistics requirements. The dashboard allows the companies to automate order placement, shipping rate calculation, and order tracking. Moreover, Pickrr encapsulates multiple delivery partners to ship the product on time and securely to any location across India.


B2B deliveries are crucial for any business to grow and expand. However, manual management of the B2B deliveries can be challenging for the brands. Therefore using automated software to streamline the B2B deliveries is a good fit for any business. Connect with us to know how B2B deliveries can provide your business with a definitive competitive edge.

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