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Guide to Increase Average Order Value During Peak Season

The eCommerce industry has become extensively popular in India owing to the growing culture of online shopping and development of mobile first interfaces. 3PLs are key contributors in the growth of the Indian eCommerce market. According to a Statista report, 55% or eCommerce transportations are handled by 3PLs across the country.

The festivals and holidays are the peak seasons for eCommerce companies. Moreover, online businesses witness maximum sales during this time of the year. However, organizations constantly strive to increase the number of products in one order to improve their profit margin significantly. In other words, eCommerce businesses encourage customers to increase their average order value (AOV).

A brand can attract customers to add more to their cart by bundling products, adding specialty services such as gift wrapping or customer messaging, and promoting upsells. Before looking into the tips to increase the average order value, let’s figure out what the term is.

What is AOV?

The average order value or AOV tracks the average amount spent each time a customer places an order on an eCommerce website or mobile app. The brand’s monitor AOV calculation simply  by dividing total revenue by the number of orders.

For instance, in the month of October, a web store has a total revenue of Rs 5,00,000, and the number of orders in the month was 50,000, so the AOV formula:

AOV= 5,00,000/500

AOV= 5,000

An average order value is an essential indicator that an eCommerce business measures to understand the customer’s purchasing habits. Similar to other key metrics, AOV can be tracked at any time. However, most eCommerce companies monitor it monthly.

How to Increase Average Order Value for the eCommerce Store?

Let’s look at some of the tactics that can help the brands to increase their AOV:

Develop Seasonal Product Bundles

India is the land of festivals and holidays. However, the holidays vary in location, season, and community. Brands must develop seasonal product bundles and distribute them to each store. 

These bundles can enhance the perceived value of a shopping cart during the shopping season. When the products are bundled, customers spend more money than if they purchased the same number of single items. 

Another benefit of creating seasonal bundles is that holidays bring the spirit of gifting, and customers tend to buy more gifts when they know that there are packages of presents to share with their loved ones. As a result, an average order of Rs 1000 may reach the value of Rs 5000 or more.

Implement Customization for Unique Customer Experience

Customers want to get something special during the holidays. Brands can work with fulfillment providers to add branded flair to the products and packaging. The companies should add custom details to the packaging, product, and unique add-ons such as messages and gift wrap in the packaging.

Providing custom add-ons to the online store helps the brands to offer a unique customer experience. As a result of the improved user experience, customers can add more products to their shopping carts, consequently improving the average order value.

Leverage the Power of Social Media to Upsell

Upsells are one of the most effective tactics to improve the average order value. At the same time, social media has an enormous range that can help brands upsell. It will benefit the companies to combine an upselling approach on social media. For the holiday season, entice customers to snag those upsells by promoting higher-value goods in the marketing campaigns. Make sure the brands forecast the right amount of inventory so that no one sees the perfect gift on Instagram only to find that it’s already sold out when they checkout.

Improve the Deliveries

To ensure that the brands can increase their AOV, they must deliver the products to the customers on time. To achieve this, brands can streamline their first and last-mile operations by associating with efficient 3PL. 

3PLs have substantial experience and technology to optimize the delivery operations of the brands. Moreover, they can provide necessary information to the customers about the order status improving the chances of successful first-attempt delivery. As a result, the customer gets a unique shopping experience resulting in better average order value.

How Pickrr Helps Brands in Improving AOV during Peak Season?

Pickrr is a SaaS-based post-purchase experience enabler that helps brands to streamline and optimize their first-mile and last-mile delivery. The company offers several value-added services that can help online businesses increase customer satisfaction. 

Some of the value-added services offered by Pickrr are Pickr Connect, Pickrr Predict, and Pickrr Advantage. Among these three services, Pickrr Advantage is one service that can help online stores to enhance their delivery experience as the solution uses automation to select the optimum courier partners for a particular pincode. As mentioned earlier, swift and hassle-free deliveries can increase the AOV for the brands, and Pickrr Advantage can seamlessly help the brands to achieve their goals.


Average order value, or AOV, is one critical metric that a brand measures to calculate its growth periodically. During the peak season, the AOV becomes more vital for businesses as it indicates the profitability of products. An online store can easily amplify its average order value by using simple tactics and implementing efficient tech-enabled solutions.

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