Select the Right Shipment Boxes for your Orders

A Complete Guide on How To Choose The Perfect Shipment Boxes

Select the Right Shipment Boxes for your Orders 

With the boom of eCommerce in the county, there is also a rising demand for flawless shipping and logistics. No matter how reliable a courier partner may be, there is always the concern of damage to goods. 

However, the right kind of shipping boxes can significantly influence your business.  The suitable packaging can help reduce damage, provide a better experience to the customer and provide the right eyeballs to your brand. 

We can understand the role of shipping boxes from two aspects: functional and aesthetics.  

Functional Aspects of Shipment Boxes 

The right shipment boxes will ensure the safety of their products. Here are some guidelines to help you pick the most functional package for your business. 

Get the Size Right 

The right size of your shipment boxes plays the most crucial role in finding a perfect match. The product must fit your package like a hand-to-glove while keeping room to secure the items and allow the customer to access them. 

The right size for a box depends on the product you ship. If you have variable sizes in your inventory, account for a few average sizes to rescue your packaging costs. Further, use reinforcement material to seal them in place. 

By having a larger box than you need, you could drastically increase the cost of shipping and logistics. Ensure this box also adheres to the guidelines of your shipping partners.   

The Perfect Shape 

One of the more essential elements of packing is the shape of your box. You will rarely find a pizza that comes in a round box. Although they are round in shape, they come in a square box. Wonder why? 

The answer lies in economics. While it sounds fascinating to make a box that fits the product, rectangular or square shipment boxes are cheaper to produce, more accessible to source from vendors, and effortless to assemble. This analogy emphasises that the ideal shape of your package is not truly dependent on your product alone. 

The cube or cuboidal boxes are the go-to choices for most businesses. They also ensure a sturdy design for shipping and logistics partners. Your product might also demand a long or tall box based on the product’s dimensions. For example, a rug or a bulky electronic appliance will need a box that breaks the rectangular rule. 

Lastly, there are also telescopic boxes and size-loading alternatives. The telescopic box is one that fits together around your product. You notice these boxes when you buy a fridge, you open up the box rather than pull the product out. The side-load shipment boxes are those that allow you to slide your products into a narrow opening—usually used for flat items like photo-frames or televisions. 

Additional Packaging 

Now the perfect box alone is not enough to secure your items. Your business must also invest in additional reinforcement material. These help keep the package in place, protect fragile items, and reduce the risk of damage during shipping and logistics processes.

Note that you use light material like bubble wrap or air-pockets when possible this helps reduce the weight of your box, therefore reducing the shipping cost. However, such an option is not suitable for bulky or expensive articles. 

Other popular packing materials are polystyrene, styrofoam sheets, polystyrene balls, crushed paper, etc. Some companies also integrate a cloth or foam lining within the shipment boxes to reduce additional packaging. 


While a lot of this packaging material is needed for protection, you must also remain aware of its impact on the environment. Your packaging and shipment boxes must create minimal wastage, preferably recyclable, and made from safe material.   

Many companies also pride themself on their use of sustainable packaging. This quality allows the establishment to build trust with the end-consumer and set the right example toward conservation. 


Lastly, the combination of your cargo’s size, shape, and material should result in the most durable package. This quality ensures the safety of the goods when in the hands of the shipping and logistics providers. 

Some shipment boxes also require attention to weatherproofing. For example, food items are one such product that needs protection from moisture, excessive shaking, leaks, etc. The business must consider the routes and journeys the shipment takes before shipping it. 

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Branding of Shipment Boxes 

So far, we have discussed the functional aspects of shipment boxes. Furthermore, let’s dive into some of the aesthetic and branding elements that make a significant difference. 

Basic Branding 

A packaging without your business branding is a marketing opportunity lost. Most companies prefer to integrate their logos and some creative messaging on the design of their box. Others chose to add secondary shipment boxes on them to protect this. 

Ensure the design of the packaging matches the branding of your company. This process includes the same colours, fonts, logos, and other design elements. The branding should invite new users to look up your brand. 

Good packaging also encourages more users to share images and unboxing on social media. This quality provides your business with much-needed publicity and endorsements online.  

Shipping Label 

The shipping label is one aspect that helps both the customer and the shipping and logistics companies. These are printed labels that cover the clear surface of your package and display essential information. 

This information includes address, billing details, details of the courier partner, terms of shipping, barcodes, and tracking information. Pay special attention to detail and use a strong shipping label with a durable adhesive. 

When handed for shipping and logistics, this label plays a crucial role in delivering your goods. 

In Closing

Finally, one must keep in mind that the cost of packaging is not overwhelming to your business. While good packaging is critical to your brand and helps provide a flawless experience for your customer, they should remain within a budget. 

Find a provider who gives you the best deal. Avoid having too many variations and sizes when possible to reduce costs. That being said, never skim on durability for lower prices. It could lead to further damage in the long run.

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